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April 17, 2014
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Registration Information


Registration guidelines for returning Philosophy Majors.

I just want to make sure that all of you get into the courses you want for Fall and Winter Terms. Please, please pay attention to the information below as there will be little chance for corrections to your schedule once LORIS opens up to other majors June 27th.


1. Note that there are no longer overrides for closed courses, we now have on-line waiting lists, please put yourself on these waiting lists if courses fill. I will not be entertaining any requests for overrides in full courses.
2. I WILL though do override requests for those of you that do not have enough credits to be classified in your next year of study. Here is the breakdown I'm talking about:
a. To classify as a 2nd-year student you must have 4.5 credits. If you have 4.0 credits, you will still be classified as a Year 1 student and not be able to register in ANY second-year courses.
b. To classify as a 3rd-year student you must have 9.5 credits. If you have 9.0 credits, you will still be classified as a Year 2 student and not be able to register in ANY third-year courses.
c. To classify as a 4th-year student you must have 14.5 credits. If you have 14.0 credits, you will still be classified as a Year 3 student and not be able to register in ANY fourth-year courses.

Therefore, those of you not 'classified' in the year you want, PLEASE CHOOSE your Philosophy courses early, send me this list and I will then have to do an override for every one of them!!! I have attached our schedule for Fall and Winter. CAS means part-time faculty. LORIS does have this information but I find it easier to work off my schedule.

3. If you want into a course that you do not have the pre-requisite, you MUST contact the instructor. This would normally be for 300 or 400-level courses.

4. The timetable for on-line registration in courses on LORIS is:

June 17 10:00pm Year 4 and 5 students

June 19 10:00pm Year 3 students
June 24 10:00pm Year 2 and returning Year 1 students (as noted in #2 above)
June 27 8:00pm All courses across campus (that are not restricted to a major) will be open for registration. This is when our 2nd-year courses really fill up so be sure to register for your choices prior to this date.
Any questions, please write, call or drop by the office.

Jane Osborne, Senior Administrative Assistant