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Wilfrid Laurier University Faculty of Arts
November 29, 2015

Canadian Excellence

Information for Contract Academic Staff (CAS)

Part-Time Appointment Committee Members

Dr. Rebekah Johnston, Chair

Dr. Rocky Jacobsen

Dr. Gary Foster

Dr. Neil Campbell (alternate)

Dr. Kathy Behrendt (alternate)

List of Successful Candidates for Fall 2015

PP110 - Hugh Alcock

PP110OC - Tyler Wunder

PP201 - Andreea Mihali

PP201OC - M. Simpson

PP209OC - Tyler Wunder

PP213 - Nicholas Ray

PP217 - Nicholas Ray

PP217OC - Christina Landry

PP223OC - M. Simpson

PP224OC - Jason Robinson

PP230OC - Craig Beam

PP247OC - Craig Beam

PP450J - Andreea Mihali

PP470E - Hugh Alcock

Department Committee Members 2015-16