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September 18, 2014
Canadian Excellence

Past Seminar Topics

Course Title
Previous Syllabi
Axes of Oppression PP681F, R. Johnston, Fall 2010
PP683A, R. Johnston, Fall 2009
Causal Explanatory Exclusion and the Problem of Mental Causation
Epistemic Agency PP680A, J. Rusin, Fall 2010
Feminist Theories of Identity
The Genealogy of the Modern State: Hobbes, hegel and Nietzsche
Intergenerational Ethics PP683B, B. Williston, Fall 2011
The Material Self PP784G, N. Campbell, Fall 2007
Narrative Views of the Self PP687A, K. Behrendt, Fall 2011
Nietzsche on Freedom and Authority
Persons and Death
Philosophy of Emotions
Philosophy of Multiculturalism
Plato's Gorgias
Platonic Ethics
Problems of Self Constitution