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Wilfrid Laurier University Faculty of Arts
September 21, 2014
Canadian Excellence

Graduate Faculty

Waterloo Campus
  • Kathy Behrendt DPhil Oxford University (personal identity theory, self knowledge, philosophy of mind, metaphysics)
  • Neil Campbell PhD McMaster University (philosophy of mind, mental causation, metaphysics)
  • Renato Cristi PhD University of Toronto (metaphysics, political philosophy, legal philosophy)
  • Gary Foster PhD University of Waterloo (existentialism, ethics, moral psychology)
  • Rockney Jacobsen PhD University of Alberta (philosophy of mind and language, Wittgenstein)
  • Rebekah Johnston PhD University of Toronto (ancient philosophy, medieval philosophy, feminist  philosophy)
  • Christinia Landry PhD Tri-Universities, Laurier/McMaster/Guelph (feminist philosophy, continental philosophy, and health care ethics)
  • Ashwani Peetush PhD University of Toronto (legal and political philosophy, ethics, human rights, multiculturalism, Indian  philosophy)
  • Jill Rusin PhD Johns Hopkins University (epistemology, action theory, feminist theory)
  • Byron Williston PhD University of Toronto (moral psychology, metaethics, history of ethics, early modern philosophy)
  • James Wong PhD University of Toronto (social philosophy, epistemology, Foucault)

Brantford Campus

  • Stephen Haller PhD University of Guelph (philosophy of science, applied ethics, policy-making)
  • Jonathan Lavery  PhD University of Guelph (Plato and ancient philosophy, Genres of philosophical writing, ethics)