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September 21, 2014
Canadian Excellence

Research Grants


NeXt (Centre for the Study of Nascent Entrepreneurship and the eXploitation of Technology) is a research Centre that fosters research in the areas of high technology incubation and the promotion and support of nascent entrepreneurship.  The NeXt mandate is to serve as a focal point for technology and nascent entrepreneurship research, study, and proposal development throughout
Wilfrid Laurier University, the K-W region, and beyond. The centre seeks to establish research linkages with all WLU faculties including Business, Sciences, Arts, Social Work, and Music.

NeXt invites proposals for research grants on topics such as:

  1. nascent (early stage) entrepreneurship in all its forms;
  2. factors related to entrepreneurship such as innovation and creativity;
  3. the study of life-cycle and/or stages of entrepreneurial development;
  4. various disciplinary approaches to the study of entrepreneurship;
  5. institutional, national, and global factor related to the promotion and development of entrepreneurship;
  6. multi/inter disciplinary approaches to the study of entrepreneurship;
  7. the study of entrepreneurship as it relates to geographical areas and regional development;
  8. the study of various types of entrepreneurs and the study of social entrepreneurship including marginalized groups such as indigenous, peoples with disabilities, visible minorities, ethnic groups, etc…

Amount of Award

Grants are available to complete small projects or to provide "seed money" for a workshop or to assist in the development of a study which might lead to a larger project, or to a proposal to an external agency. The value of the award ranges from $500 to $2,500. Purchase of equipment or conference travel will not be covered by these awards. 


The proposals must be submitted to Dr. Benson Honig, Director, NeXt, or to Dr. Barbara Carmichael, Associate Director, NeXt research centre, by January 15th 2007. Decisions on the grants will be made by a committee of peers affiliated with various research centres by March 15th 2007.


All full time faculty members at WLU are eligible to apply for the grants. The funds are made available for a maximum period of 24 months. Therefore, faculty with a two year limited term position are eligible to apply for this award as principal investigators only during their first contractual year and must complete the project and account for funds before the completion of their contract. Faculty with limited term positions are eligible to apply for these grants as co-investigators with full time WLU faculty members. Outside members of NeXt, as well as doctoral students, can apply for this award only as co-investigators with full time faculty members. Professors Emeriti/Emeritae of WLU, who are not full-time employees of another institution, are eligible to apply for the grants. Visiting Professors with one year appointments are eligible to apply for the grants as co-investigators. Full-time staff with an Adjunct appointment, and a PhD, and with an established publication and presentation record, are eligible to apply.  


Grant adjudication will be by a committee of representatives drawn from SBE research centres. The Grants Committee will review all applications on the merit of the application and the ability of the applicant.

General Regulations

-           All applications involving human subjects that are recommended for funding must be approved by the WLU Research Ethics Board before funds can be allocated to the project. Applicants must indicate on the application whether the project requires approval by the Research Ethics Board.

-           Applicants are not eligible to claim expenses that were incurred prior to the date an internal grant is awarded.

-           Books, monographs, other library materials, or software purchased through a WLU grant remain the property of the University. At the end of a project, or upon leaving the University, all such materials must be donated to either the University Library or the Computing Centre (i.e. software).

-           No individual can hold more than one grant of the same type at the same time. Co-investigator status for the grant may be accorded to a faculty member if s/he is not the Principal Investigator on a second grant.

-           No application will be placed on the agenda of the Grants Committee if, by the application deadline for a specific meeting, a report on a previous grant in the same category is outstanding.

-           Successful applicants must acknowledge the support received from NeXt in all presentations and publications emanating from a specific grant. A suggested acknowledgement follows:

    "The author(s) gratefully acknowledge(s) that financial support for this research was received from a grant funded by NeXt.”

-           Copies of papers published as a result of support from the grant must be submitted for addition to the publications/teaching materials of the Centre. Applicants should indicate the order of all co-authors for multi-authored publications.

-           A faculty member may apply for research grants from the University prior to, or while on Sabbatical Leave, provided the normal application deadlines are met.

-           Faculty who run a deficit in one grant account must repay the Centre from an external grant or contract, from personal funds, or from another existing internal grant which has been completed with a surplus. Faculty who have been notified that a grant or contract account is in a deficit position will not be permitted to apply for any internal grants until the deficit has been removed.

-           Internally-funded grants must not be used to support undergraduate or graduate thesis research in which the faculty member is not, by definition, the Principal Investigator of the project.

-           Funds requested for a Research Assistant must be fully justified by indicating i) the specific tasks to be completed; ii) the qualifications of the student to complete the tasks; and iii) why a specified number of hours is required to complete the tasks; and, a budget for the number of hours at a specified rate, plus benefits, must be included in the application.

-           Fax, photocopying, courier, postage, and telephone are not eligible expense items in any internal grant application, unless fully justified in the research methodology as a necessary expense in order to conduct the research.

-           Funds awarded for travel in all grants must be used to enable the recipient to complete the research project. Travel to attend conferences or to consult are ineligible expenses.

-           Applicants for all programs must adhere to any page limits indicated on the Application Form. Any additional pages will not be considered by the Grants Committee.

-           Grants are awarded for a specific project to be completed within an established period of time. Consequently, it is expected that a Final Report will be submitted for each grant within 24 months following the letter of award. Consequently, grant accounts may be closed 24 months after an award is offered unless the grant recipient requests an extension for a specific period of time. Any requests for an extension must be submitted to the Director of the Centre.

-           The bibliography should only include items cited in the proposal.

Forms for grant applications can be downloaded from:  Grant Application Form