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September 22, 2014
Canadian Excellence

Previous Activities

2005 Activities

In October, NeXt, with the support of the Schlegel Centre for Entrepreneurship, hosted the all Canada wide Canadian Counsel for Small Business and Entrepreneurship (CCSBE) annual conference, where we had approximately 125 attendees from both Canada and world-wide. Keynote speakers include Jim Balsillie of RIM and Danny and Isabelle Le Breton-Miller of HEC, who presented their recent Harvard Business School Press book, Managing for the Long Run.   This conference helped to put WLU on the international entrepreneurship “map”.

Barbara Carmichael and Benson Honig attended a Nascent Entrepreneurship conference in Durham UK, September 20-23. Following the conference, they visited research centres at Strathclyde University (Glasgow), Nottingham University, Nottingham Trent University, and City University London.  Our objective was to build strategic alliances, organizational methods and managerial methods used at different research centres, and collaboration with international colleagues and research centres in appropriate areas.

On June 14, Benson Honig, as Director of NeXt, gave a short address at the headquarters of the Royal Bank in Toronto, at the behest of Charles Coffey and Kris Depencier, on the subject of minority entrepreneurship in Canada. Approximately 60 people were in attendance.

On May 11, NeXt held a panel discussion on “Entrepreneurship and the Internet”, including five different internet entrepreneurs, with approximately 45 in attendance.1

On April 28, Benson Honig and Barbara Carmichael did a panel discussion, “Women and Entrepreneurship” with approximately 50 in attendance.2

On February 14, Dirk Declerq from the University of Gent, Belgium, gave a talk in the Doyle Boardroom entitled "Relational capital, commitment and performance in venture capitalist - entrepreneur relationships".  It was attended by approximately 20 members of faculty, students, and the Kitchener-Waterloo community.

On January 7, NeXt held an event in the KPMG Atrium attended by approximately 50  faculty, undergraduate, and graduate students, where a panel from across Canada discussed “What research in entrepreneurship can tell entrepreneurs and those who would like to help them”. Eight panel members participated.3


1Guest speakers included the following: Antonio Turco, Intellectual Property Litigation, Blake Cassels and Graydon, LLP, Toronto Law firm; Wayne Smith, PhD Candidate, Department of Geography, WLU; Dr. Zachary Shaeffer, Open University, Tel Aviv. A second panel consisted of the following entrepreneurs: Ray Simonson, Verdexus; Trish Saren-Bray, Sharon Realty; Dura Fisher, Slidewhere; Charlotte Whaley, Ciganott. In attendance were 40 graduate students, a few undergraduates, one faculty member and a few Kitchener-Waterloo residents.

2Paul Martin Centre, in attendance were 50 Kitchener-Waterloo members of the Grand River Women's Networking organization, as well as a few faculty, graduate and undergraduate students. Speakers were Benson Honig and Barbara Carmichael.

3Ed Leach, School of Business, Dalhousie University; Jean-Marie Nkongolog-Bakenda, Professor, University of Regina; Ron Robichaud, Director, Entrepreneurship and Business Skills Centre, University Sainte-Anne; Josee Audet, Professor, Universite Laval; Lois Stevenson, Director, Industry Canada; Chris Pelham, Director, Acadia Centre for Small Business and Entrepreneurship; and Vance Gough of Mount Royal College.