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Wilfrid Laurier University School of Business & Economics
September 22, 2014
Canadian Excellence


Steve Farlow

Executive Director, Schlegel Centre for Entrepreneurship

BA (Economics), MBA (Marketing & Finance) University of Western Ontario

Phone: 519-884-0710 ext. 2615
Fax: 519-884-3319
Office Location: SBE2214
Office Hours: By Appointment


Steve Farlow obtained his MBA, in marketing and finance, from the University of Western Ontario.  Following this degree he gained real-life business experience by working with large corporations such as the Rio Tinto Zinc Corporation, and Derland Industries.  Mr. Farlow always thought it would be thrilling to operate his own business.  As a result, he decided to use his business experience and discipline to begin the operation of an enterprise of his own.  His company, Superior Safety, distributed and serviced occupational health, safety and environmental products across Canada.  After generating large sales increases for this Waterloo-based company, he decided to sell it to enter into a career in the world of academia.  He now resides as Laurier's founding Executive Director of the Schlegel Centre.

What is Farlow's favourite part of working at the Schlegel Centre? It is the ability to work with bright young people.  He has helped students who want  to follow a path in entrepreneurship by presenting them with the venture creation process.  This information is outlined in conjunction with the Entrepreneurship Accelerator Program (which provides students with the legal, financial, and sales training/coaching needed to enter into the real world of business).  Mr. Farlow also helps the Laurier campus by coaching and advising academic clubs such as ACE (Advancing Canadian Entrepreneurs).  As a result, Laurier has been awarded the title of "Most Enterprising Campus in Canada" for the last three years.

Steve Farlow works with Benson Honig as co-founder of a major new initiative in on-line knowledge sharing of entrepreneurship education - the ENTRENET network - facilitated by the on-line technological platform IGLOO (International Governance Leaders and Organizations Online - Sponsored by the Dobson Centres, this initiative was launched in the fall of 2007.  The IGLOO portal allows users to reach the ENTRENET community, which is made up of entrepreneurs, educators, researchers, and public policy actors.  While there, visitors have access to new research, reviews, and information about upcoming events and conferences, especially those occurring in the entrepreneurial community.  It is also possible to create blogs and forums so that entrepreneurs from across Canada can communicate with each other in a business-friendly environment.