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November 28, 2015

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A Pedagogical Reflection

CP212: Reflections

Winter 2007

A great learning experience. It was a bit of a challenge to teach myself Visual Basic and VBA in such a short period of time, but I intend to continue using VB as a tool for developing software and I already use more and more VBA in my daily work as time goes by.

The labs required a lot of work to prepare but this term the students were so keen that I had very little work to do once I was in the labs. Primarily this was because the majority of students were senior computer science students who found the material quite easy. Many of them however did enjoy working with Visual Basic and saw the benefits of being able to create a software product quickly. However, they were not the main audience that CP212 was designed for. Feedback from these students and how they managed their way through the course is being used to refine CP212 for the Spring term which I will be lecturing. Changes I intend to implement include:

  • reducing the workload of the assignments
  • adding some material on project management and software engineering / development
  • more coverage of Visual Basic for Applications (VBA)
A small percentage of this terms students were double-degree students (Business and Computer Science) and they have indicated that VBA was a major tool in some of their co-op work terms. I will be speaking with some of them to learn how I can use more useful examples in lecture and lab.