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September 2, 2014
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Information Processing with Microcomputers

Course Syllabus / Outline 2008 - 2009

This course serves as an introduction to microcomputers and information processing. It has a strong hands-on component in the form of labs and computer based assignments.

General Outline


  • To understand and appreciate the concepts and uses of various types of microcomputer software: word processors, spreadsheets, statistics packages, database management systems, and graphics.
  • To effectively use the packages taught in the course, and more importantly, be able to learn any new computer package.
  • To understand enough computer hardware terminology so you can critically analyze computer literature.

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Brief Assignment Description (subject to change)

A1: Create a newsletter in Microsoft Word.
A2: Perform formatting and calculations on a spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel (using the sum(), average(), and other functions).
A3: Create a database containing at least 3 tables and perform specified queries using QBE in Microsoft Access.
A4: Analyze social studies data in SPSS ( or Excel ) using descriptive statistics and charts.
A5: Create web pages using HTML including hyperlinks to other websites, email addresses as well as including tables and images and Javascript programming.

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