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Wilfrid Laurier University Information and Communication Technologies
July 29, 2014
Canadian Excellence

Instructions for Apple OS 10.4 Tiger

1. From “Finder”, choose “Application”, then choose “Internet Connect” and open it. (see screenshot)

2. Click on “802.1X”, and verify the “Network Port” is your wireless Network “AirPort”. (see screenshot) If the 802.1X button does not appear click "File > New 802.1X Configuration".

3. From the “Configuration”, choose “802.1X Configuration. (see screenshot)

4. From the “Configuration” choose “Edit Configuration”. (see screenshot)

5. In “User Name”, type in your Network username, and in “Password”, type in your Network password, in “Wireless Network” type in Laurier Secure Wireless Network SSID, which is “laurierwireless”, and in “Authentication”, tick “TTLS” box and uncheck all the other protocols, then click “Configure”. (see screenshot)

6. Choose “PAP” in “TTLS Inner Authentication”, then click “OK”. (see screenshot)

7. Click “OK” in “802.1X” window, then click “Connect”, your wireless system should now be ready to access the Internet. (see screenshot)