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July 31, 2014
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Instructions for Windows Vista

 Note: Log in to Vista with Administrator privilege account, then follow the instructions below:

1. From “Start” choose “Connect to” to open the “Connect to a network” window. Choose   “laurierwifi" and click “Connect”.

2. In the warning window choose “Connect Anyway”.

3. In the message window click “Close”.

4. Point your favorite browser at In the boxes provided enter your Network Username and Network password.

5. Download and install SecureW2 from here. Note: Right click on the saved SecureW2 file, and choose "Run as Administrator" to start installation. During SecureW2 installation accept all the default choices. A reboot is required. Continue at step 2 when your system returns. By default the SecureW2 installer is downloaded to the Desktop. Reconnect to "laurierwifi" with your Network Username and Network Password, and reload

6. From “Start” click “Network” and choose “Network and Sharing Center” on the top. (see screenshot

7. From the “Tasks” panel choose “Manage wireless networks”. (see screenshotChoose “Add”. (see screenshot

8. In the “How do you want to add a network?” window choose “Manually create a network profile”. (see screenshot

9. In “Network name:” type in “laurierwireless”, choose “802.1x” as “Security type”, and ensure “Start this connection automatically” box is checked, click “Next”. (see screenshot

10. Click “Close” in the “Successfuly added laurierwireless” window. (see screenshotClose all the windows on the desktop. 

11. From “Start” click “Connect to” to open “Connect to a network” window, then right click on “laurierwireless” and choose “Properties”. (see screenshot

12. In the “Connection” tab, ensure that “Connect automatically when this network is in range” is checked. (see screenshot

13. In the “Security” tab, choose “WPA-Enterprise” for Security type and “AES” for Encryption type, choose “SecureW2 TTLS” as network authentication method, ensure that “Cache user information for subsequent connections to this network” is unchecked, click “Settings...”. (see screenshot)

14. Choose “Allow” from “User Account Control”.

15. In the SecureW2 window leave DEFAULT in the Profile box and click on Configure. (see screenshot

16. Under “Connection” tab ensure that the "Use alternate outer identity” box is NOT checked and that the "Use anonymous outer identity" circle is checked. Also the "Enable session resumption (quick connect)" box should not be checked. (see screenshot)

17. Under the Certificate tab ensure that both boxes are not checked. (see screenshot)

18. Under the Authentication tab ensure PAP is chosen in the "Select Authentication Method" box. (see screenshot)

19. Under the User Account tab enter your Network Username in the "Username" box and your Network Password in the "Password" box. The Domain box should remain blank and the "Use this account to logon computer" box and " Prompt user for credentials" box should not be checked. (see screenshot)

20. Click on “OK” four times to close the various windows we have used.

21. Click on “Connect” in “Connect to a network” while “laurierwireless” is selected. (see screenshot)

22. Click “Close” in the final message window. Your wireless system should now be ready to access the Internet. (see screenshot)