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June 30, 2016

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Employment Opportunities for Laurier Undergraduates

Employment Opportunities
Laurier Undergraduates

The Mathematics Department hires undergraduate WLU students as Instructional Assistants for Laboratory Sessions and as Markers and/or Proctors (see below).

There are also opportunities for both employed and volunteer positions with the Mathematics Assistance Centre. Click here for details.

Lab Instructional Assistants

***The application deadline for Instructional Assistant positions during the Spring and Fall 2016 terms has passed. If you are interested in applying for the Winter 2017 term, please check back here in early November for the online application form.***

If you are interested in applying:

i) for the Spring 2016 term, please complete this online application form

ii) for the Fall 2016 term, please complete this online application form

Note: If you are interested in applying for both the Spring and Fall terms, please complete both application forms.

Mathematics courseshaving alaboratory component (requiring IAs) which plan to be offered include:

MA100 - Introductory Calculus for the Natural Sciences (Fall)

MA101 - Calculus I for the Natural Sciences (Spring and Fall)

MA103 - Calculus I (Spring and Fall)

MA104 - Calculus II (Spring and Fall)

MA110 - Introduction to Differential and Integral Calculus (Fall)

MA129 - Introductory Calculus for Business and the Social Sciences (Spring and Fall)

MA170 - Introduction to Mathematics for Finance (Spring and Fall)

MA201 - Multivariable Calculus (Spring and Fall)

MA205 - Differential Equations I (Spring and Fall)

MA241 - Statistical Methods for the Life Sciences (Spring and Fall)

ST230 - Introduction to Probability and Statistics for Science (Fall)

ST259 - Probability I (Spring and Fall)

MA307 - Numerical Analysis (Fall)

If you have any questions regarding the position or the application process, please e-mail for more information.

Instructional Assistants: Markers and Proctors

The Department employs senior students on a piece-work basis to proctor mid-term tests and to mark assignments, quizzes and mid-term tests in many of its courses. In September students in senior mathematics courses may register their availability for this work.

Please complete the online application form. Students who seek additional information or wish to discuss their qualifications for employment should contact:

Lynda Clarke
Administrative Assistant
Department of Mathematics