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July 31, 2014
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Leadership/Activity Procedures & Forms

Practicum Requirements

In order to graduate, every KPE student must gain a minimum of 96 hours of community related leadership/activity experiences.  These shall be obtained by participating in between 2-4 different applied experiences related to their studies in Kinesiology with no less than 16 hours for any one experience.  These experiences shall be leadership oriented, have an applied educational component and involve participation in some form of volunteer or paid activity in the community.  These activities shall involve the student in some form of leadership, administrative, instructing, or service capacity related to the wide scope of kinesiology, physical activity, recreation or applied health. 

All leadership/activity experiences must be approved prior to their commencement by the departmentís Undergraduate Advisor (forms should be handed into Tricia Lutz in the main office or emailed to .  Appropriate verification of participation must be submitted by the student in order to complete this requirement.

ALL Kinesiology and Physical Education Students intending to graduate must submit completed Leadership Activity Forms. Contact Tricia Lutz for details.

Please note: Students cannot use CSL hours and/or KP421 volunteer hours towards their leadership hours.


Leadership Activity Requirements document - click here





You are required to complete two forms for each experience: a Proposal Form and a Completion Form.

FORM 1 - Proposal/Approval Form and a FORM 2 - Experience Completion Form for each Leadership/Activity Experience must be submitted as well as an official signed letter from your placement supervisor (peer to peer not admissable).   Form 2 and official letter should be submitted as soon as activity has been completed.

NOTE:  The proposed activity must be APPROVED PRIOR to the commencement of the activity.

These forms can be downloaded below.  

Both forms are WORD interactive and students are to type their Leadership Activity forms on screen and save before printing off and submitting them to the KPE office. 

Forms may be submitted in person to the KPE office BA501 for approval from the Undergrad Academic Advisor.  Forms may also be submitted via email attachment or faxed to 519-747-4594.

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For more indepth guidance, you may contact the KPE Undergraduate Academic Advisor:
Dr. Stephen Wenn via e-mail

To check on the status of a submitted form or accumulated leadership hours, please contact:  Tricia Lutz  via e-mail  



Work Education Placement Agreement Form (WEPA)

Students who volunteer  in their placement as part of their practicum experience need to have  their volunteer placement supervisor complete the attached form below unless the placement is on campus.  

This form MUST be handed in to the KPE Office PRIOR TO the commencement of any volunteer posting associated with KPE Leadership Activity requirements.



For available volunteer and paid opportunities - click here.


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