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Wilfrid Laurier University Faculty of Science
January 31, 2015

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These policies are intended for guidance purposes for Faculty, Staffand Students.

KPE Department Midterm Examination Policy(Nov 2012)

This policy is to ensure that all students within the KPE department, within the KP courses, are treated fairly and equally.

Midterm examinations for any course cannot be deferred more than once. Students may receive a maximum of five deferrals during the completion of their degree.

If illness or an unavoidable emergency situation occurs then the student should notify the instructor of the course prior to the time of the exam. Additionally, documentation is required and should be provided to the instructor before a deferred midterm is written. Rescheduling is at the discretion of the instructor.

Family vacations, varsity sport practices, student work schedules and travel/participation in Kin games are not acceptable reasons for midterm deferrals (even if a deferral time is available that has been arranged for other students with a legitimate conflict).

If the student does not write the midterm examination and does not notify the instructor before the exam, a grade of "0" will be assigned. If the instructor receives appropriate justification for missing the midterm exam after the time of the midterm, at the discretion of the instructor, a deferred midterm may be arranged or alternatively marks from that midterm will be added to the next midterm or the final exam.

KPE Policy on Presentations within classrooms(Nov 2012)

The only information slides and speakers that should be approved for in-class presentation are ones directly associated to the material of the class or are of an academic nature (including student-faculty events) that relates to the students in the class. For example, workshops, career fairs, university/department regulations, post-graduate information are all acceptable. Non-acceptable presentations include social activity announcements, fundraisers or product advertisements.