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July 22, 2014
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Payment of Fees and Due Dates

Fees are charged on a per term basis for registered students, and are due as follows:
Fall Term 2013: August 28, 2013
Winter Term 2014: December 16, 2013
Spring Term 2014: April 24, 2014

Fees are due regardless of whether a statement has been received. Full account information, updated regularly, is available online by following directions on the Laurier Online Registration Information System (LORIS) at

Failure to make payment in full by the due date may result in deregistration and subsequent fee penalties.

Students wishing to opt out of plans (e.g., PRISM, Extended Health and Dental) must follow the procedures and deadlines established by those individual programs. It is not sufficient to notify the Business Office of the intention to opt out.

Payment can be made online or through telephone banking (student ID number is the account number) and at most financial institutions in Canada with your invoice remittance form. Payment can also be made by cheque (certified or non-certified), money order or direct debit. Post-dated cheques are not acceptable. In the case of payments made by non-certified cheque, no refunds will be issued for at least 21 days following payment by non-certified cheque. Any holds which are placed on an account will not be cleared for at least 21 days following payment by non-certified cheque. Any student with a poor payment record may be required to pay with a certified payment methods. Fees for courses added after the due date each term are due immediately.

Senior Citizens
Senior citizens (60 years of age by start date of lectures) are exempt from tuition for all courses but are responsible for payment of all distance education charges, incidental and/or miscellaneous fees, including the Comprehensive Student Services Fee, where applicable.

OSAP Students
If OSAP will be covering the full amount of your tuition fees for the fall term, there is no payment required.  Please ensure that you pick up and negotiate your loan documents at the earliest date that LORIS indicates your documents are available for pick up.

If OSAP will not be covering the full amount of the tuition fees you have owing, it will be the students' responsibility to pay the difference of what is not being covered by OSAP by the date tuition fees are due.

If you have not currently applied for OSAP and do not have a loan estimate, your tuition fees for the fall term is expected to be paid by the date tuition fees are due.

Read more about settlement of accounts, tax receipts, overdue accounts, etc.