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August 21, 2014
Canadian Excellence

Council Members, 2013-2014

Membership as at September 3, 2013.

Abbott, Kayleigh, Faculty of Science - student
Ame, Robert, Criminology
Arai, Bruce, Dean, Faculty of Human & Social Sciences - non-voting observer
Arnason, Carolyn, Music
Ashoughian, Gohar, Librarian - non-voting
Cait, Cheryl-Anne, Social Work
Carroll, Michael, Dean, Faculty of Arts - non-voting observer
Carruthers, Glen, Dean, Faculty of Music - non-voting observer
Castillo, Ignacio, Business
Chan, Wing, Economics
Clarke, Juanne, Sociology
Coady, Nick, Dean, Faculty of Social Work - non-voting observer
Crerar, Adam, History
Cristi, Renato, Philosophy
Darling, Ray, Registrar - non-voting
Dobozy, Tamas, Associate Dean, Faculty of Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies
Eglin, Peter, Sociology
Finn, Jonathan, Communication Studies
FitzGerald, Carolyn, Education
Fletcher, Paula, Kinesiology & Physical Education
Freston, Paul, Religion & Culture
Gallego, Maria, Economics
Goff, Patricia, Global Governance joint program director - non-voting observer
Guinel, Frederique, Biology
Hannem, Stacey, Criminology
Hennebry, Jenna, Communication Studies
Hyde, Christopher, Faculty of Arts - student
Jessop, Paul, Dean, Faculty of Science - non-voting observer
Joel, Adria, Faculty of Social Work - student
Jones, Jeff, Psychology
Jordan, Christian, Psychology
Kalmar, Jayne, Kinesiology & Physical Education
Kelly, Micheal, Dean, School of Business & Economics - non-voting observer
Khan, Shahnaz, Cultural Analysis & Social Theory
Kitaev, Vladimir, Chemistry
Lopez, Carla, Faculty of Human & Social Sciences - student
Mahood, Linda, History joint program director - non-voting observer
Mahootchi, Tannaz, School of Business & Economics - student
Maly, Ken, Chemistry
McCluskey, Connell, Mathematics
McCutcheon, John, Acting Dean, Faculty of Liberal Arts - non-voting observer
McLellan, Janet, Religion & Culture
Montero, Kristiina, Education
Munro, Hugh, Business
Noori, Hamid, Management/Finance
Norris, Joan, Dean, Faculty of Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies, Council Chair
Paret, Helen, Manager, Graduate Administration - non-voting
Pfrimmer, David, Dean/Principal, Waterloo Lutheran Seminary - non-voting observer
Pirbhai, Mariam, English & Film Studies
Roberts, Steven, Geography joint program director - non-voting observer
Robertson, Colin, Geography & Environmental Studies
Roy, Jason, Political Science
Rusin, Jill, Philosophy
Russell, Anne, English & Film Studies
Rygiel, Kim, Political Science
Schaus, Gerry, Ancient Mediterranean Cultures
Slawson, Robin, Biology
Smith, Matt, Associate Dean, Faculty of Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies
Snoddon, Tracy, School of International Policy & Governance
Stalker, Carol, Social Work
Sweedler, Milo, Cultural Analysis & Social Theory
Wigle, Randy, School of International Policy & Governance
Willard-Holt, Colleen, Dean, Faculty of Education - non-voting observer
Willingham, Lee, Music
Wolfe, Brent, Geography & Environmental Studies
Zhao, Kaiming, Mathematics