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September 22, 2014
Canadian Excellence


Students are encouraged to complement their workshop attendance with one-on-one tutoring appointments at Laurier’s Writing Centre. From February 3 to March 6, 2014, the Writing Centre will be offering tutoring appointments dedicated to 3MT competitors – book yours today!

3MT Introductory Workshop – “What is the 3MT and How Do I Prepare?”

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This hour-length workshop offers students an introductory overview of the 3MT competition at Laurier, addressing its rules, procedures, and criteria for evaluation, and providing essential information that students will need to know before preparing for competition. In particular, the workshop will highlight the benefits available to graduate students participating in the 3MT, namely the strengthening of communication and oration skills for emerging researchers and professionals. We will also discuss the roles and responsibilities of competitors within the University and, potentially, beyond, at the annual provincial 3MT competition.

Registration is required for all participants. Students considering but still unsure about participating in the 3MT are warmly welcome.

3MT Intensive Workshop – “Getting Reading for the 3MT”

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Want help preparing for the 3MT? More broadly, do you want to learn how to express your research in clear, concise terms?

This 80-minute workshop will introduce interested and prospective 3MT participants to strategies in transforming complex, evidenced-based arguments into concise, accessible language appropriate for a lay audience. We will explore effective techniques in developing and elaborating a clear yet engaging argument in written form, and also address ways of expressing core arguments, evidence, and significance in oral form.

We will study different examples and approaches as a group, and participants are encouraged to bring past and present scholarship applications (i.e. OGS, SSHRC, NSERC, CIHR etc.) as well as thesis/dissertation proposals to workshop in the process. By the end of the workshop, students will have been introduced to several rhetorical models and strategies that they can then apply in preparing their own orations.  

Students not intending to participate in the 3MT are also welcome to attend. Registration is required for all participants.

3MT Peer-Review Session – “What Does Your Audience Think?: 3MT Peer-Review Session”

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Scheduled close to the 3MT competition date, this 80-minute peer-review session provides students with the opportunity to deliver working drafts of their 3MT orations to an informal gathering of graduate student peers and receive constructive, supportive feedback. We will discuss challenges and successful strategies students have encountered in the course of their preparations, and address such issues as presentation anxiety, clear delivery, and effective body language. Ideally, students will leave with a firm understanding of the revisions required to strengthen their orations during their final preparations for competition.  

Registration is required for all participants and is limited to those students officially competing in the 3MT on March 7, 2014.