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November 24, 2014

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Global Governance (PhD)

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Dr. Paul Maxim, Program Coordinator
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The PhD in global governance (offered jointly by Wilfrid Laurier University and the University of Waterloo) is a unique opportunity for interdisciplinary examination of power and authority in the global arena. Graduate students in the program examine the variety of actors, institutions, ideas, rules, and processes that contribute to the management of global society. In addition to international organizations and inter-state relations, the study of global governance examines the various non-state actors as well as the realities of contemporary life that contribute to the establishment and functioning of global rules, norms and institutions. The program interrogates the concepts, tools, and assumptions that have served scholars in the past and assesses new approaches for addressing contemporary and future challenges.

Program Details

Duration of Program
48 months
global political economy; global environment; conflict and security; global justice and human rights; multilateral institutions and diplomacy; global social governance.
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Entrance Requirements

Minimum Standing
Successful completion of an MA degree or equivalent in political science, history, economics, international development studies, international peace studies, globalization studies, environmental studies, or a related field A-

Application Deadline

Start Date
Application Due
September January 15


Eligible students admitted to study on a full-time basis for each year of study are given a competitive funding package.

Guaranteed minimum financial support: $19,000/yr
Average minimum financial support:

Such support may be made up of:

  • teaching assistantships,
  • internal and/or external scholarship awards.
  • research assistantships.
  • studentships
  • Balsillie Fellowships

Consult the academic program for further details.


Tuition is charged each term. Miscellaneous fees may be charged where applicable.