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August 29, 2015
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BU461r – Social Entrepreneurship  0.5

This course provides an understanding of the process of starting a new business dedicated to tackling social or environmental issues. The characteristics of the entrepreneur, the identification and evaluation of opportunities, the assembly of resources and the development of the business plan will be covered. The method of instruction involves cases, lectures and a research project.

Prerequisites: BU227 & BU247
Co-requisites: BU352 & BU383

Exclusion: BU311

BU461t – Introduction to Arts Management  0.5

This course provides an introduction to the challenges of managing not-for-profit arts organizations. Emphasis will be placed on understanding elements of the external environment as well as internal management challenges of working in this sector. Specific arts sectors will include: music, dance, theatre, opera, choral, and museums.

Prerequisite: none
Exclusion: BBA program (not open to BBA students)

BU492h - Creative Thinking for Marketing Managers 0.5

A growing body of academic literature has looked at the tools and techniques needed to encourage creative, innovative, lateral as opposed to traditional linear thinking. In an era where change is the norm, intellectual flexibility is a critical ability; and organizations must be able to generate innovative insights to survive. This course will attempt to provide students with an introduction to the tools, techniques and processes used to generate creative marketing insights. The course works on the premise that marketing creativity is not about “eureka” moments of mysterious insights, but the result of a certain disciplined process of thought.  This process is also fueled by new qualitative research methods that students will utilize.  Students will be exposed to the current literature on the creative process and engage in various exercises used by marketing organizations to generate creative solutions. The successful student will realize that creative thinking is a structured process designed to produce actionable marketing solutions.

Prerequisite: BU352 and BU362

BU492j - Marketing & Society 0.5

Examining how marketers can develop sustainable marketing strategies by gaining an in-depth understanding of the impact of marketing on the physical, psychological, sociological, cultural and economic world inhabited by consumers.  Concepts such as socially conscious marketing, social marketing, corporate social responsibility, conscious consumption, anti-consumption, brand resistance, cause marketing, consumerism and ethical marketing are studied.

Prerequisite: BU352 and BU362
Co-requisite: BU432

BU492k - Marketing & Social Networks 0.5

Social networks (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, blogs, wikis) are profoundly impacting contemporary marketing and management practices.  This course will examine the role of social networks in marketing communications, changing consumer dynamics, creating consumer communities and advancing marketing research.

Prerequisite: BU352 and BU362
Co-requisite: BU432

BU495q - Business Analytics 0.5

This course introduces the use and manipulation of huge data sets in business decision making using advanced techniques for descriptive techniques, data mining and optimization.

Prerequisite: BU275 or CO250(UW) or CO350(UW) or permission of the instructor

BU497h - Integrated Cases In Accounting  0.5

With a primary focus on course writing techniques, this course is to prepare students to write the Chartered Accountant professional examinations.

Prerequisites: BU387 and BU397
Co-requisite: BU447

BU497j - Taxation 3  0.5

This is the third in a three-course series in Canadian federal income taxation.  The course is designed to introduce to student the more complex issues of Canadian income tax law and to explore tax planning strategies for individuals, corporations, partnerships, joint ventures and trusts. Topics include owner manager compensation strategy, employment, self-employment and personal service business, decision to incorporate a business, integration of corporate and personal income, income-split, anti-avoidance rules, estate planning, corporate reorganizations, business acquisitions and divestitures.

Prerequisites: BU466

BU497k - Management Controls  0.5

Management control systems are designed to motivate managers and employees to attain the organization's strategic goals.  This seminar course explores the processes and techniques of effective management control system design (including performance measurement, incentives and governance structures) in a variety of settings, including not-for-profits and multi-national organizations.  As the capstone course in management accounting, a special focus is taken on the role of accounting in performance measurement and regulations affecting governance structures.

Prerequisites: BU354, BU466, BU467 and BU491

BU498n – Start-A-Business Workshop  0.5

This course will briefly teach the general principles involved in planning for a business, although students will be expected to supplement this with their own reading.  The bulk of the course will involve detailed analysis and planning (with highly individualized instruction) for the specific proposed businesses.  This will include personal goal setting, concept evaluation and optimization, market research, detailed planning of marketing, operations, structure, cash needs, sources of finance, etc., followed by writing detailed plans for the various areas. 

Prerequisites: BBA students only; BU352, BU383, BU354, BU385 and permission of the instructors. 
To enroll in this course, please see Steve Farlow, SBE2214

BU498p – Managing the Growing Small Enterprise  0.5

This course focuses on the opportunities and challenges involved in managing growing entrepreneurial firms.  Emphasis is placed on management of early-stage technology ventures, but content is broad enough to be relevant to all growing, early-stage businesses. 

Prerequisites:   BU352, BU354, BU383 and BU385

BU498s – Laurier LaunchPad  0.5

The course involves conducting detailed analysis and planning to create and launch students proposed businesses (with highly individualized instruction). This includes personal goal setting, concept evaluation and optimization, market research, detailed planning of marketing, operations, structure, cash needs, sources of finance, etc., followed by writing detailed plans for the various areas. 

Prerequisites: BU311 or BU440 or SC340A and/or permission of the instructors.  To enroll in this course, please see Steve Farlow, SBE2218.