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Wilfrid Laurier University Faculty of Arts
May 28, 2015

Canadian Excellence

Welcome from the Dean



We live in challenging times. The world is becoming increasingly globalized; technological innovation continues unabated; and the interaction between human communities and their environment is ever more complex. How the challenges we face are met will determine whether life in this country and on this planet improves or degrades. Our goal in the Faculty of Arts at Laurier is to contribute to the former and arrest the latter. We work toward this goal partly through faculty whose research provides original and exciting insights into the world around us. We also work toward this goal by offering our students one of the very best Liberal Arts educations in Canada. Here you will learn to think critically and in an informed manner about the world around you and to communicate those thoughts effectively to others; here you will learn about the past and the present so that you can think and act to ensure a better future; and here you will find a supportive community distinguished by intellectual diversity and by a commitment to social justice and fairness. Generally, in the Faculty of Arts you will have the opportunity to acquire ways of thinking and acting that will allow you to become the sort of leaders and innovators in your chosen occupations and in the broader society that this world sorely needs.

Laurier generally, and the Faculty of Arts in particular, is known for having a heightened sense of community often not found at other universities. I personally very much look forward to meeting and hearing from as many students, faculty and staff as possible and working with you to build upon and strengthen that sense of community.

Welcome to the Faculty of Arts at Laurier.

Dr. Michael Carroll, Dean of Arts