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Wilfrid Laurier University School of Business & Economics
August 31, 2015

Canadian Excellence

Spring 2013 ICE Week Winning Team

Q: What was this experience like for you?

A: It was really intense; definitely stressful at times, but a lot of fun as well.
-D. Reynolds

Q: What do you think was the most important contributing factor to your success?

A: We got along extremely well and all brought something new to the table, but I believe our communication was the most important contributing factor. It was very easy to come up with a lot of big and creative ideas but it really helped when one member would point out the infeasibility and the inconsistency with our recommendation to help streamline our solution.
-H. MacKinnon

Q: What was the most challenging part about the week?

A: The most challenging part was the time crunch, it was critical for us to ensure we completed the report to the best of our ability and that we clearly communicated our arguments.
-H. MacKinnon

Q: What did you enjoy most about ICE?

A: The team aspect of it was my favourite. Seeing us go from five strangers to a very strong group by the end of the week was awesome, and it was great to get to know everyone.
-D. Reynolds

Q: How did you prepare for the final in such a short time period?

A: We just continued doing what had got us there in the first place. We made very few modifications from first presentation to the last.
-C. Clayton

Q: What was it like presenting your solution/recommendation to the decision makers from the company?

A: It was very exciting and had a more meaningful impact. As the airport decision makers really wanted to hear our solution and cared about what we had to say, it felt like much more than a class exercise.
-H. MacKinnon

Q: Do you feel that the case was an effective way to gain some practical experience in the business world and to further understand concepts covered in the classroom?

A: Yes, the classroom concepts were the basis of our analysis and led us to our solution.
-C. Clayton

Q: What is your advice for the next batch of ICE students?

A: Just to stay positive during the week: things will go wrong and everybody will get stressed. But communicating with your team, listening to everyone, and just putting your heads down to get it done will get you through it.
-D. Reynolds