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Wilfrid Laurier University School of Business & Economics
February 28, 2015

Canadian Excellence

External Competitions

ACE/SIFE Laurier Accomplishments

ACE Canada Student of the Year

2003: Dave Henley

CIBC Student Entrepreneur of the Year

2003: Oliver Towstiak-Davis

Fair Enterprise National Competition

2005: 1st Place

2004: 2nd Place

Financial Education Challenge

2007: Regional Champions

2006: 3rd Place

Micro-Business National Competition

2005: 1st Place

Most Enterprising Campus in Canada

2005, 2004, 2003

SIFE National Championships

2007: Ontario Champions

2005: Champions

2004: Champions

2003: Champions

Student Entrepreneur Competitions

2009 Ontario Champion: Tom Henderson

2007 Ontario Champion: Devin Downe

Venture National Competition

2004: Champions

Aspen Institute's Business & Society International MBA Case Competition

2007 - 1st Place: Robert Colorafi, Adam Melnik, James Munro, Priyanka Sundaram

Toronto CFA Society's Investment Research Challenge

2012 - 2nd Place: Greg Cohen, Sushrut Deodhar, Alex Garrock, Matthew Jolliffe

2010 - 1st Place: Zachary Cressman, Andy Huynh, Gurveer Kehal, Jason Senensky

Excalibur - Canadian University Tournament in Human Resources

2010 - 3rd Place: Julia Bowen, Daniel Figueroa, Vaiseekan Srithayakumar

2007 - 2nd Place: Owen Allerton, Elizabeth Duncan, Brenda Heatley

Impact Apprentice Competition

2007 - 2nd Place: Greg Overholt

L'Oreal EStrat International Competition

3rd Place: Peter Galea, Alex Karlovski, James Moffat

National Business and Technology Conference - Consulting Case Competition

2012 - 1st Place: Minwoo Choi, Jake McRobie, Hardik Patel, Srin Sridharan

National Nicol Entrepreneurial Award

2008- National Champion: Christopher Carmichael

Nestle Canada MBA Case Competition in Business & The Environment

1999 - 3rd Place: Basil Chen, Richard McClurg, Andrew Osten

1997 - 1st Place: Scott Phillips, David Rose, Marlene Schmidt, Scott Slocombe

RMA Credit Risk Case Competition

2005 - 3rd Place: Jose Garcon, Sandip Ghayal, Dan Matwey, Phil Parkinson

Samsung MBA Case Competition

2004 - 3rd Place: Yamani Bhagavatula, Carmel Branston, Sharon Daniel, Tunde Turcsik