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Wilfrid Laurier University School of Business & Economics
August 29, 2015

Canadian Excellence

Interuniversity Competitions

Brock University Accounting Conference

2012 - 2nd Place: Jerry Liu,Howard Ma,Katarina Masciantonio, Julia Patterson

2012 - 3rd Place: Vincent Chow, Chris Edey, Josh Raxlen, Arvin Valencia

Dalhousie Business Ethics Case Competition

2012 - 2nd Place: Tyler Hebert, Bob McMaster, Brandon Van Dam, Rebecca Varalli

2010 - 2nd Place: Jordan Bishop, Sarah Haworth, Stefanie Krakovsky, Jennifer Solda

2004 - 2nd Place: Allison Hui, Sarah Lodi, Adrienne Paquette, Mirjana Varjacic

Dalhousie Credit Risk Case Competition

2008 - 2nd Place: Chad Artem, Tom Kapsimalis, Daniel Ram, Tim Soroka

2006 - 1st Place: Veeral Khatri, Michael Kielty, Adam Rivers, Stephen Simpson

DECA International


Provincial 2nd Place in Advertising: Winnie Chen, Jessica Jamnadas, Hannah Stubina

Provincial 2nd Place in Sports and Entertainment Marketing: Derek Hanson, Charlotte Wilson

Provincial 3rd Place in Human Resources Management: Alan Fernandes


Provincial 1st Place in Accounting: Scott Bates, Scott Judges

Provincial 1st Place in Retail Management: Amin Alizadeh

Provincial 3rd Place in Human Resources: Shaurya Saxena


Queen's Invitational 1st Place in Accounting: Scott Bates, Scott Judges

Queen's Invitational 1st Place in Sports and Entertainment Marketing: Prasana Devanand, Evelyn Ly

Queen's Invitational 3rd Place in Fashion Merchandising: Rashan Indrarathna

1st Place in Restaurant and Food Services Management: Daniel Figueroa

1st Place in Retail Management: Anisha Moti


Queen's Invitational 3rd Place in Financial Services: Nicole Tall

Enterprize Canada Business Plan Competition

2008 - 1st Place Central Region: Greg Overholt

iGNITION $1K Pitch Competition

2008 Winner - 24HrEdits: Martin Vaz Jones

2007 Winner - The Nesting Place: Christine Robinson

2006 Winner - Hybrid Solutions: Greg Overholt

2005 Winner - Idyllic Solutions: Greg Overholt

Inter-Collegiate Business Competition (ICBC)


1st Place in Marketing: Elizabeth Mcfaul, Ulana Zadarko


1st Place in Human Resources: Jared Grossman, Catherine Guba

3rd Place in Debate: Peter Li, Jordan Schmidt


1st Place in Debate: David Bornstein, Jordan Schmidt

1st Place in Marketing: Christopher DePaul, Michael Morrice

2nd Place in Ethics: Martin Melady, Anthony Milito

3rd Place in MIS: Stewart McKendry, Gregory Overholt


1st Place in MIS: Graham Edward, Samantha Kafato

2nd Place in Policy: Jawad Addoum, Sadhisha Ambagahawita, Chris Bozek

3rd Place in Finance: Greg Dean, David Gourlay


3rd Place in Ethics: Alexander Pattillo, Michael Stark


2nd Place in Ethics: Michael Dopp, Chris Schuett

3rd Place in Marketing: Braden Douglas, Tory MacLennan


2nd Place in MIS: Bharat Aggarwal, Greg Hartrell

2nd Place in Policy: William Chung, Jenny Pho, Jason Quehl

3rd Place in Accounting: Melanie Hepburn, Scott Parker

John Molson MBA International Case Competition

2005 - 3rd Place: Michael Connor, Andy Dabideen, Marina Garabetian, Trevor Timbeck

Juex du Commerce Central Competition - Captains Listed


School of the Year: Jordan Bishop, Eileen Devlin

Academic Cup: Jordan Bishop, Eileen Devlin


School of the Year: Elliott Draga, Matt McGuinness


School of the Year: Hani Migally, Mike Zeagman


JDC West School of the Year: Alex Fitzgerald, Taylor McGuire

LaunchPad $50K Venture Creation Competition

2009 Winners

Sustainable Waterloo, Mike Morrice

Ethos Cycles, Sean Sinclair

SciMed, Michael Johnson

2006 Winner

Hybrid Solutions, Greg Overholt

2005 Winner

Gourmantra Foods, Mona Prasad

McMaster e-Case Competition

2004 - 2nd Place: Aina DeViet, Jim Gillies, Shane Rahemtulla, Kara Zavitz

National MBA Stock Market Competition

1999 - 1st Place: Sarah Chung, Xiao Yu

Queen's Entrepreneurs' Competition

2010 - 1st Place: Christopher Carmichael

2008 - 2nd Place: Greg Overholt

1997 - 1st Place: Leslie Berger, Stefanie McIver, Reagan Ruslim, Joseph Thomspon

University of Ottawa Financial Case Competition


1st Place in General Finance Case: Greg Dean, Dave Gourlay, Sean Sasso

2nd Place in Venture Capital Case: Lu Jing, Tom Kapsimalis, Brian Lam

University of New Brunswick Business Plan Competition

2007 - 1st Place: Greg Overholt

University of New Brunswick e-Business Competition

2000 - 2nd Place: Dawn Clarke, Christiana Ens, Merwie Garzon, Asif Quadir

Wake Forest Social Entrepreneurship Business Plan Competition

2008 - 2nd Place: Greg Overholt