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Wilfrid Laurier University School of Business & Economics
August 31, 2015
Canadian Excellence

PepsiCo Pitch Competition

To build more soft-skill development into the business curriculum and to lead into the business plan portion of the competition, faculty made the PepsiCo Pitch a required part of the course with selected students from each lab.

Students are introduced to the 'art of the pitch' in labs early in the semester, then develop a two-minute 'elevator' pitch for their new venture ideas. After students present their pitches in class, teaching assistants select the top two pitches to move on to the semi-finals.

“The PepsiCo Pitch Competition is a great opportunity for our students,” said Steve Farlow, executive director of The Schlegel Centre for Entrepreneurship. “Pitching is a vital skill that these students will use throughout their careers."

Below is a list of the previous winners.


1st Place: Angelo Fousteris

2nd Place: Christopher Cedri

3rd Place: Sarah Anne Alfonsi


1st Place: Joshua Simpson

2nd Place: Winta Yonathan

3rd Place: Marilyn Pellowe


1st Place: Geo Miller

2nd Place: Miranda Smelt

3rd Place: Jean-Paul Hudon


1st Place: Sean Cameron

2nd Place: Demilade Oba

3rd Place: Linda Xie


1st Place: Benjamin Head

2nd Place: Rebecca Yaffa

3rd Place: Stephanie Chan


1st Place: Jeremy Enns

2nd Place: Eric Garand

3rd Place: Nick Ewanick