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Wilfrid Laurier University School of Business & Economics
August 29, 2015
Canadian Excellence

New Venture Competition

Each year, the BDO New Venture Competition introduces 1,200 first-year BBA students to entrepreneurship. In the fall term, during BU111, students work in teams to generate ideas for a new venture. Then, in the winter term, as part of BU121, they develop a business plan and present it to their peers during lab classes throughout March. The top team in each lab then presents their business plan to a panel of external business community members that selects the winning team. Scholarships and the BDO New Venture Competition Cup are presented at the awards reception at the end of winter term.

The competition is designed to strengthen students’ communication and presentation skills, while analyzing opportunities for business creation and development. Created by professors Jim McCutcheon and Laura Allan, it serves as a foundation for students looking to continue in the entrepreneurial stream.

Here is a list of the previous winning teams:

2015 - WorkerVoice 

Zi Kai Chen

Brock Giedraitis

Qi (Jackey) Jia

Andrew McEwan

David Yang 

2014 - Eco Degree

Jacob Pavan

Montana Fine

Lawson Ma

Peter Bergin

Roger Liao

2013 - Pronto

Marco Wai

Jonathan Okun

Olivia Liberatore

Ryan Nadeau

Alice Jia

2012 - ReVamp

Laura Douglas

Brady Goodall

Kaiwen Huang

Gagandeep Sandhu

Frank Schotman

2011 - Simply Life

Trevor Goorts

Michael Lagerquist

Michael Reinhardt

Gennaro Santoro

Wesley Shih

2010 - PLATINUM Health & Wellness Club

Michael Charney

Addesse Haile

Joanne Lau

Amisha Mehta

Lawrence Young

2009 - FreshLife

Cory Bettel

Caroline Chu

Yusuf Kachchi

Laura Beth Wilson

Shaun Young

2008 - Palaemon Corporation

Russell Braive

Jacqueline Dobson

Elizabeth Phillips

Brad Smith

Rebecca Vollmer

2007 - BioCan

Erin Jaczenko

Jeff Martino

Maria Vach'yants

Sara Yousefi

2006 - Anti-Piracy Solutions

Nadisha Devathasan

Dominique Gagnon

Aleksandar Pasic

Stacy Toffan

Nordia New Venture Competition Winning Teams

2005 - Sure-Lock

Tom Kapsimalis

Jackie Piron

Courtney Poworoznyk

Christine Thomson

2004 - Glow 'N' Mo

Nabeel Aziz

Christopher Coholan

Christopher Reinhardt

Terrence Teixeira

2003 - J-Team

Michael Bodkin

Erin Imbeau

Tihomir Ludic

Jeff Simonetti

Ashley Wilson