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Wilfrid Laurier University School of Business & Economics
September 5, 2015
Canadian Excellence

100 Alumni of Achievement


"This distinguished group of 100 alumni represents a living legacy who inspire lives of leadership and purpose, and who also instill in Laurier graduates the courage to engage and challenge the world in all its complexity," said President and Vice-Chancellor Max Blouw. "On behalf of all of us at Laurier, I am delighted to celebrate this exceptional group of graduates who truly reflect the very best of our remarkable university."

All members of the community were invited to submit nominations from among the university’s nearly 80,000 alumni. After a lengthy and challenging deliberation process, 100 individuals were selected for the final list. The selection criteria revolved around the concept of leadership and purpose, with the understanding that we all show leadership by being actively involved in our personal and professional communities.


Damian Bassett '72 BBA

Real Bergevin '86 BBA

James R. Breithaupt '54 BA Economics '06 Honourary Degree

David Ceolin '89 BBA

David Chilton '95 BA Economics

Yvan Couture '84 BBA '89 MBA

William Downe '75 BBA

Lindsay Duffield '79 BBA

Daniel Einwechter '77 BBA

Paul Giannelia '70 BA Economics

David E. Graham '94 MBA

Paul Gray '71 BA Economics

Bob Hamilton '71 BBA

Mark Hilson '80 BBA

Shad Kabango '05 BBA

Omar Kalair '96 BA Economics '00 Diploma

Becky Kellar '04 MBA

Pat Krajewski '89 Diploma '90 MBA

Randy McGlynn '72 BBA

Archie McLean '64 BBA

Jeff Melanson '99 MBA

Colleen Moorehead '81 BBA

Stacey Mowbray '84 BBA

Alex Mustakas '83 BA Economics

Lynn Olfield '84 BBA

Tim Penner '78 BBA

Bob Schlegel '72 BA Economics

L. Peter Sharpe '70 BBA

Carol Stewart '85 BBA

Ray Tanguay '83 Diploma

Ian Troop '81 BBA

Bill Webb '86 BBA

Patrick Whitley '70 BBA

Craig Wright '85 BA Economics

David Yach '88 MBA