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September 21, 2014
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Go Go Grammar!


Workshop Series


Are you interested in improving your knowledge of grammar? If so, we invite you to attend the Writing Centre’s 5-week Go Go Grammar! workshop series. It's free! The Go Go Grammar! instructors – Ada Sharpe, Chris Eaton, Emily Jones, and Matt Grant – look forward to working with you this fall. You can read more about the series here.

Each Go Go Grammar! session will include:

  1. focused instruction on a grammar issue, and
  2. student-centred application of grammar rules

Participants are required to:

  1. register for all 5 sessions in the series
  2. bring a writing sample to each session


Sign-up is limited to 15 participants in each section. The Fall Session dates are as follows:

Wednesdays **FULL**
Thursdays **FULL**

1. Sept. 10
2. Sept. 17
3. Sept. 24
4. Oct. 1
5. Oct. 8

This session is full.

1. Sept. 11
2. Sept. 18
3. Sept. 25
4. Oct. 2
5. Oct. 9

This session is full.

WAITING LIST: If you would like to put your name on the waiting list for the next series (beginning after fall reading week), please click here.

Students who have successfully completed Level 1 may be interested in signing up for the new Level 2 series. This series will begin after the Fall Reading

Week. Check back for registration information.


If you have any questions, email Jordana at

We wish to thank the Student Life Levy for supporting this initiative.


DID YOU KNOW?   You can get a Writing Certificate on your Laurier Co-curricular Record

If you attend one full workshop series (e.g., Go Go Grammar!) over the 2014-15 academic year and participate in two 50-minute tutoring sessions devoted to your current writing assignments, you can receive acknowledgement of your writing development on your Co-curricular Record.  Please contact the Writing Centre if you have questions.