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Wilfrid Laurier University Centre for Student Success
July 29, 2014
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Our Services

Laurier's faculty are guided by the Ontario Council of Academic Vice Presidents (OCAV) Guidelines for University Undergraduate Degree Level Expectations when deciding how courses will help students learn to write effectively at the university level. 

The Writing Centre is available:

  • to help you teach writing in your discipline
  • to work together with you on in-class workshops
  • to collaborate on writing assignment design
  •  to offer writing resources
  • to share or participate in writing research to improve teaching and learning.

In-class Writing Workshops

Providing support for writing as it is practiced in the disciplines is the cornerstone of Laurierís writing centre program. When we work with you to develop workshop material for a course, our goal is to enter into a collaborative process with you so that we can come up with engaging workshop material that supports the goals you have for the course and the assignment.

For us this involves learning about the course and the disciplinary writing conventions as well as consulting current research on writing. Therefore, if you plan to request an in-class writing workshop for your course, we like to have a copy of the syllabus and writing assignments, in addition to some sample papers to work from. We do between 40 and 50 in-class workshops a year.

Support on Writing Instruction and Assignment Design

If you would like to discuss writing instruction and assignment design, we are always interested in meeting with you. Get started here.  Faculty members may also contact Teaching Support Services for education development resources.

Research Collaboration

We welcome opportunities for collaborative research projects. Please contact Boba Samuels, the Writing Centre Manager, to discuss the possibilities.