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November 28, 2015

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Graduate Student Funding for Conference Presentations and Thesis/Dissertation Research

Funding for Conference Presentations

Toward supporting scholarly engagement, the Faculty of Social Work invites MSW and PhD students to apply for funding in order to present at professional conferences. Normally, funding is granted once per year per student, with PhD students receiving $300 and MSW students receiving $250 per conference. †

To apply for funding, please read the instructions on the Graduate Studies website and complete the Travel Assistantship application form.† Please note the three application cycles set by Grad Studies each year:

Deadline Date
Term Date Range for Travel
April 15
May 1 to August 31
August 15
September 1 to December 31
December 15
January 1 to April 30
  1. Complete the Travel Assistantship form, and obtain a signature from the Associate Dean of your program or your Dissertation/Thesis Advisor.

  2. Submit the form to the FSW Deanís Office one week prior to the deadline date, to apply for funding from the FSW Travel Fund.

  3. The FSW Deanís Office will forward the application to the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies by the deadline for the term you wish to travel.

  4. If you wish to also apply to the Graduate Students Association, submit a separate application to the Graduate Enhancement Fund Committee using the online application form between March 15 -31.

  5. You will be notified by the Grad Studies Office regarding your application and funding for the conference.

  6. When the conference is complete, submit a Travel Expense Claim form to the FSW Deanís Office. Attach documentation of your presentation at the conference, as well as original itemized receipts and boarding passes.

Funding for Thesis/Dissertation Research

Students are invited to apply for funding to support their thesis or dissertation research. PhD students are normally allotted $500 and MSW students are allotted $150. The types of expenses that are covered include but are not limited to: the cost for transcription, travel, honoraria for research participants, photocopying, printing supplies, and hiring a research assistant.

To apply for funding, please complete the online request form. This form will assist the Deanís Office to better track research funds that are granted internally to students. Please note that while requests for funding for thesis or dissertation research are normally granted, the Dean has final budgetary approval.

Once your request has been approved, please submit the appropriate form (Travel Expense, Meeting Expense, Cheque Requisition) located on the Financial Resources website, to the FSW Deanís Office. Attach all itemized original receipts and documentation for your expenses.