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April 24, 2014
Canadian Excellence

AFS Program Management Committee Membership

AFS Program Management Committee Membership

Position: Membership:
AFS Program Coordinator
Kathy Absolon-King
AFS Faculty
Gus Hill, Lori Hill, Laura Mastronardi
AFS Elder-In-Residence
Gale Cyr
AFS Administrative Coordinator
Charisse Sayer
Dean, Faculty of Social Work (ex-officio)
Nick Coady
Partner Institution Representatives
Tricia Beaudin, Brenda Brant, Suzanne Brant, Beverly Carter
Aboriginal Field of Study MSW Students
Indrani Mahadeo Goddard, Shawn Johnston
Social Work Faculty (ex-officio)
Marshall Fine, Nancy Freymond
Vice-President: Academic (ex-officio)
Deborah MacLatchy
Senior Advisor: Aboriginal Initiatives (ex-officio)
Jean Becker
Administrative Manager (ex-officio)
Linda Norton
Associate Dean: MSW Program (ex-officio)
Cheryl-Anne Cait