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Thesis (MSW) Guidelines

Students who wish to complete a thesis must discuss this with the MSW Coordinator (full-time students early in the first term, and part-time students before their 4th term).† The MSW Coordinator will assist students in identifying potential thesis advisors; however enrolment in the thesis stream is contingent upon the student finding a faculty member who is willing to act as his/her thesis advisor.

Thesis students in the two-year full-time and four-year part-time programs are exempt from three courses and the last eighteen days of their first practicum.† These students take six core courses, five courses in their chosen concentration (the integrated concentration is not available to thesis students), and one elective.† The research course specific to the chosen concentration must be completed (SK607 for CPPO and SK615 for IFG).† IFG thesis students are exempt from†2 concentration courses (excluding SK615)†and one elective.† CPPO thesis students are exempt from one elective and two concentration courses (excluding SK607).†Thesis students are exempt from the last 18 days of their first Practicum.†

Thesis students in the advanced standing programs are exempt from two electives and from the winter term practicum for full-time students and the last forty-five days of practicum for part-time students.† Guidelines for the preparation and submission of masterís theses, as well as information regarding the oral examination of theses, are found in the Graduate Calendar.

MSW Thesis students must register for their thesis (SK698) for every term that they are in their MSW program, along with their other courses.† This does not affect your tuition, however, it does signify that you are continuing with your thesis to completion.

Should you decide not to proceed with your thesis as part of your program, it is extremely important that you formally†de-register from the thesis course.† If you decide to drop the thesis course within the same term as you signed up for it, it will automatically be removed from your record.† You must do this prior to the drop deadline date†for that term.† Add/Drop Forms are available from†the Academic Administrator.† When filled out, the Associate Dean will sign the form and Academic Administrator will forward it on to the Registrar's Office.

If you decide against doing a thesis†further along in your program, you must still formally drop the course (SK698).††When the thesis is dropped after the first term,†SK698 will remain on your transcript with a WD noted beside the course.† The only way to have this removed from your transcript is to Petition through Graduate Studies.† Having the SK698 on your record with a WD in no way affects your GPA.

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