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April 19, 2014
Canadian Excellence

PTAC (Part-time Contract Academic Staff)

Posting Schedule

Fall Term: June 1 (or earlier)

Winer Term: October 1 (or earlier)

Spring/Intersession/Summer Terms: February 1 (or earlier)

PTAC Faculty Members 2013-14

Scott Smith

Stephen MacNeil (Alt)

Geoff Horsman

Masoud Jelokhani-Niaraki (Chair)

Michael Suits (Alt) 

CAS Staff 2013-14

Fall 2013

Mandeep Bakshi (CH233, CH360)

Luba Brovko (CH354)

Jim Gerlach (CH250, CH452, CH453)

Yamini Gopalapillai (CH419)

Winter 2014

Fariba Amiri (CH234)

Mandeep Bakshi (CH212)

Don Frantz (CH313) 

Jim Gerlach (CH350, CH456)

Ahmad Ghavimi (CH327) 

Sprummer 2014

Mandeep Bakshi (CH202/204)

Jim Gerlach (CH111/121) 

CAS Department-in Council and Divisional Council Representatives 2013-14

Jim Gerlach

CAS Roster Application and Assessment of CAS Candidates Forms

WLUFA Part-time Collective Agreement 2010-2013

Assessment of CAS Candidates: Appendix H: Article 13.5.1

CAS Roster Application Appendix G