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July 23, 2014
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Q1. I want to register for a course at another institution. What should I do?

A1. You should first let the undergraduate advisor for Chemistry know your intentions. If the course is a Chemistry course, you should provide the undergraduate advisor for Chemistry with a calendar description, at least, and a detailed course outline, if possible. For courses in any other subject, contact the appropriate undergraduate advisor for permission. Once you have obtained unofficial permission from the undergraduate advisor, you must complete a letter of permission request form (except for courses offered through the University of Waterloo; see below). You will need to email a request to the undergraduate advisor relating to this form and forward the undergraduate advisor's email response to If the course is offered through the University of Waterloo, you will have to complete a UW cross-registration form (no letter of permission request form is required). You'll need the undergraduate advisor's signature and the signature of the UW instructor on this form. FYI, it is relatively easy to get permission to take an elective course elsewhere but you must have a good reason to take a required course elsewhere.

Q2. I get an error message when I try to register for a course on Loris. Why?

A2. There are a number of common error messages that you might receive when trying to register for courses on Loris. A list of some of the more common ones with suggestions on how to fix them may be found here.

Q3. Can I register for CH110 without having taken 12U Chemistry?

A3. Loris will allow you to register for CH110 without having completed the 12U prerequisite, but you are advised against doing this unless (a) you have taken 11U Chemistry with a grade of at least 75% or (b) you have taken a university preparatory course in Chemistry. There is one available through DE at the University of Waterloo. Click here.

Q4. I want to change my program of study. How do I go about doing this?

A4. You should always consult with an undergraduate advisor before making a decision to change programs. You may change your program by linking to your LORIS account, typically between March 1 and April 30th. Your program change will be reviewed by the Office of the Registrar and a decision recorded at the end of the Winter term. Outside these times, you may change programs by completing a program selection form.

Q5. I have decided to withdraw from the University. What do I need to do?

A5. Again, you should discuss your situation with an undergraduate advisor before making this decision. A student who finds it necessary to withdraw from full-time studies must obtain a Notice of Withdrawal form from the Office of the Registrar. The form must be signed by both the dean of the faculty/school and the registrar. The student identification card must be submitted with the form. Students who leave the university without completing the Notice of Withdrawal will have each of the applicable courses recorded as a failure and will not be eligible for any refund of fees.

Q6. I am a part-time student who wants to return to full-time status. What do I do?

A6. You should contact Sarah Mathews ( in the Registrar's Office.