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Wilfrid Laurier University Faculty of Science
June 27, 2016

Canadian Excellence


The MSc program in Chemistry and Biochemistryis a research based graduate program which covers traditional and modern disciplines of chemistry andbiochemistry. The research in the Chemistry and BiochemistryGraduate program has an interdisciplinary nature, which is enriched by close collaboration between research groups within and outside the department. The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistryis a small and well integrated department which provides students, at both undergraduate and graduate levels, with a strong education in fundamentals and modern aspects of chemistry and biochemistry, rigorous research experience, and close mentoring and guidance from faculty members. Our main objective in the MSc program in Chemistry and Biochemistryis to educate students to become independent researchers, educators and professionals with a strong scientific background, who can confidently meet the existing scientific challenges in the contemporary global community. OurMSc program started September 2008.