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April 23, 2014
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Online Courses, 2013-14

Detailed Course Information, 2013-14

Note 1: First-year students may not choose our Online Courses.

Note 2: The Department cannot add students into full courses even if they are needed to fulfill graduation requirements. It is the student’s responsibility to put themselves on course waitlists as early in the Spring registration period as possible.



The university reserves the right to remove you at any time from any courses that you have registered for contrary to the regulations. For example, if you register in more courses than allowed, in courses for which you have exclusions, in courses for which you lack prerequisites or in courses which are inappropriate due to any other university regulation, the university reserves the right to remove you even after classes have begun. Nevertheless, it is your responsibility to make the appropriate selections. The university does not guarantee that your errors will be caught.



FALL 2013

EN 119 OC1

Reading Fiction

EN 201 OC1

Children’s Literature


EN 119 OC2

Reading Fiction

EN 246 OC2

Survey of Major British Authors


EN 119 OC3

Reading Fiction

EN 201 OC3

Children’s Literature

EN 201 OC4

Children’s Literature

EN 233 OC3

Shakespeare’s Comedies & Romances

EN 246 OC3

Survey of Major British Authors



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