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May 3, 2016

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Learning Objectives

Learning Objectives:
Undergraduate and Graduate English programs in the Department of English and Film Studies encourage the development of skills in:

  • interpreting a variety of literary and cultural works, including fiction, film, drama, poetry, non-fiction, and visual media, and the historical, political, cultural, and discursive frameworks determining their composition and reception;
  • using a cross-cultural approach, particularly in the context of non-Western, postcolonial, and global texts;
  • closely analysing the language and form of complex texts;
  • engaging strategically with a variety of theories of writing, reading, and representation;
  • expressing clear critical arguments, both in scholarly writing and orally;
  • conducting independent research, including evaluating a variety of resources (print, audio-visual, and virtual);
  • recognizing the relevance of these skills to personal growth, to interdisciplinary thinking, and to successful careers after university.