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July 25, 2014
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Bachelor of Music: Music Theory

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Students in the Theory program study the various analytical and compositional procedures of music. They take music theory courses every year, and at least one course in composition. Because of the connections between theory and performance, and the understanding of music gained in performance, theory majors also do practical study every year.
Focusing on musical design of tonal and non-tonal music, the program also deals with perceptual, aesthetic, and interdisciplinary studies in such fields as literary criticism, philosophy, and cultural studies.

In each year of the program, students are engaged in musical analysis, research paper writing, and/or criticism of the historical and theoretical literature dealing with music. A graduation project in musical analysis, aesthetics, or history of theory is an option in fourth year. The Music Theory program is designed to prepare students for further academic study at the graduate level.

Admission to the Music Theory program is normally considered at the end of second year. Students should complete the Music Theory Application form and return it to the Administrative Assistant to the Dean during the winter term of year 2.

Music Theory Faculty

Dr. Anna Ferenc

Prof. Terry Kroetsch

Prof. Cameron MCKittrick
Dr. Charles Morrison

Dr. Kevin Swinden

SAMPLE PROGRAM Music Theory Program
This is one possible outline of courses for a piano student who wishes to major in Music Theory.

Year I Year II Year III Year IV
Music Theory I, II Music Theory III, IV 18th-Century Counterpoint Intro to Schenkerian Analysis
Piano Piano Piano Piano
Musical Skills I, II Musical Skills III, IV Musical Skills V,VI Musical Aesthetics and Criticism
Music in Context
Music History I,II Post-Tonal Analysis
Cross-Cultural Intersections
WLU Choir WLU Choir Romantic History
Music Theory Special Topics
Composition German I,II
Intro to Accompanying Orchestration

Music and New Technology Contemporary Music since 1975
Critical Thinking

Current Critical Theories and Practices Language, Communication, and Culture

Film and Narrative
Sociocultural Anthropology