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Wilfrid Laurier University Faculty of  Music
July 22, 2014
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Bachelor of Music: Music History

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This research-oriented program acquaints students with music of many different periods and styles, emphasizing the listening to and writing about music through the study of selected repertoire from all periods of music history.

Students take at least four credits in music history, study German and art history, and in their final year write a major research paper. The goal is to prepare students for graduate work in musicology, library science, or in other careers that demand a broad knowledge of music, while giving them the skill to write about it.

Music History Faculty

Dr. Alma Santuosuosso

Dr. Kirsten Yri

SAMPLE PROGRAM Music History ProgramThis is one possible program outline for a pianist preparing for graduate study in musicology with a career goal of university teaching.

Year I Year II Year III Year IV
Music History I Music History II, III Studies in Baroque Music Studies in Medieval Music
Piano Piano Piano Piano
Musical Skills I, II Musical Skills III, IV Contemporary Musicianship Music Since 1945
Theory I, II Theory III, IV 18th-Century Counterpoint Studies in 20th-Century Music
WLU Choir WLU Choir Studies in Romantic Music Studies in Renaissance Music
Visual Expression in Art Elementary and Intermediate German Performance Practice Directed Studies (major research paper)
High Middle Ages
Advanced German Early German Classicism and Romanticism

Early Modern Europe History of Modern Europe