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May 26, 2016

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The MA program in communication studies emerges out of a commitment to providing a sustained critical and interdisciplinary approach to the understanding of the multiple dimensions of communication as a discrete set of social and cultural practices. More specifically, in focusing on the fields of visual communication and culture and media, technology and culture, we seek to enable students to critically understand and engage the myriad forms of media, technology, and culture in a globalized information society and thereby to become more effective citizens of this society.

As with other graduate programs, theMA in communication studies is guided by a number of overarching pedagogical goals and disciplinary objectives. These include:

  1. To enable students to see connections between communication and society, especially in terms of producing and sustaining a vibrant and democratic public sphere at all levels of social organization;
  2. To develop advanced skills of critical analysis and reflexivity that will illuminate the relationship between communication and social structures of power, practices of domination, and struggles for social justice;
  3. To practice a commitment to interdisciplinarity in which students and faculty draw on a wide array of disciplinary approaches to communication and through which a wide variety of academic and applied approaches are brought to bear on research problems and questions;
  4. To equip students with the advanced analytical and methodological skills based in a rigorous foundation in the interdiscipline of Communication Studies to pursue further research work at the doctoral level;
  5. To foster and develop research skills and interdisciplinary competencies in communication studies that may serve as the foundation for successful professional development and advancement in non-academic contexts.

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