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May 27, 2016
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Registering for 2015-2016

A guide for Communication Studies students

Checking your Year & Program of Study

In LORIS, after making sure you have selected Fall 2015 or Winter 2016 term (and not Spring 2016):
-Student services
-student records
-display student program

Students in their last year of study should keep in mind that 400 level CS courses are restricted to students with Year 4 status.

Registration dates

Register for courses via LORIS for both Fall and Winter terms.
For further details and your entry day and time, visit the Office of the Registrar (click ?here).

Registration dates for 2015-2016 (click here).

Reserved Seating

Reserved seating is a relatively new LORIS function that we are using, in an attempt to prevent senior students from filling all courses.  It reserves a certain number of spaces within a course to certain groups of students.  Beginning July 7, reserved seating will be adjusted on a frequent basis to match student demand.

200-level Year Reserved Seating:  
Approximately 2/3 of spaces in all 200-level courses, excepting CS212Online, will be reserved for Year 2 majors.  The remaining spaces are reserved for students in other Years of Study.

300-level Year Reserved Seating: 
Approximately 2/3 of spaces in all 300-level courses will be reserved for Year 3 majors.  The remaining spaces are reserved for students in other Years of Study.  

400-level courses:
These courses remain restricted to Year 4 Honours CS majors always.



Restrictions by Communication Studies may be revised, please check this section frequently as all restrictions will be updated and posted here.

Restrictions for CS majors:
CS majors are allowed to register for no more than 2.5 CS Core credits until July 10, so that all students can have courses and fulfil program requirements.  Should shortages of space occur because some students register for too many courses, the department will force de-registration. Beginning July 11, the department will stop enforcing this limit so that students may register for open CS Core courses as they wish.

400-level additional restrictions:
-each Year 4 CS major is allowed to register in only one section of CS400 (senior seminar) until July 10 (multiple sections will be removed).  July 11 onwards, Year 4 majors can register for whatever CS400 spaces are left open.
-each Year 4 CS major is encouraged to register in only one section of CS401/CS402/CS403.  The department has created sufficient spaces for all students to have one section.  Abuse of this guideline, so that some students cannot fulfil graduation requirements, may lead to the department restricting each student to one section only.

Beginning July 11, the department will stop enforcing these limits so that CS majors may register for open CS Core courses as they wish.

Students joining the program in their senior years should expect to take longer to complete requirements. The department received approval for a limited number of course offerings, and can not allow excessive amounts of extra courses for transfer students to fast-track to the detriment of current ongoing majors.

Major restrictions by other programs 
The date that filters (such as field of study or major restrictions) may be removed for students who are not registered in an honours program of that discipline may vary by department.
Restrictions are deliberately placed (you should not expect to be given exceptions) by the various departments/ programs, and varies from one to another.  Some do not restrict any courses, some restrict some courses, and some restrict all courses.  While CS majors are expected to complete 2.5 credits of CS Program Electives, these courses do not belong to CS students.
To check whether a course has a restriction, please check Dynamic Class Schedules, which also lists restrictions on courses and when they would be lifted, if at all.


CS100 & CS101 
Only Faculty of Arts students (includes CS majors) will be able to register for CS100 and CS101 until July 7. SBE and Science students will be able to register for CS100 and CS101 after the restriction lifts, beginning July 8.
A number of spaces in all sections of CS100 and CS101 will be reserved for CS majors.

200 and 300 level CS courses
Permission for non-majors to take senior CS courses:
-CS212 online for both Fall/Winter: the major restriction will be removed early July, beginning July 8, non-majors may register for these sections.
-Fall 2015 courses: beginning August 3, non-majors may register for classes that are NOT full
-Winter 2016 courses: beginning October 16, non-majors may register for classes that are NOT full

400-level courses:
These courses remain restricted to Year 4 Honours CS majors always.

Most graduate courses are restricted to students within the respective programs.  It is usually possible to register for courses outside your program, following these steps:

  • obtain approval from your graduate advisor/director;
  • obtain approval from the host graduate advisor/director or instructor of the course you are interested in;
  • forward the approval from the host advisor or instructor to the administrative assistant of the host program so a program override can be entered for you;
  • register for the course in LORIS.

Restrictions are placed by the Department, after much planning and careful consideration of many factors.  We therefore will not override any of our restrictions.
Prerequisite overrides are allowed only if the student has taken a course elsewhere equivalent to the prerequisite course.
If you feel this applies to you, please email Sylvia Hoang in the department office:


Waitlists, within LORIS, will be available only for certain courses. We are unable to add waitlisting to most courses as waitlisting conflicts with 'reserved seating.'

Spring: waitlisting is available for all CS courses
Fall/Winter: waitlisting is available for CS212OC and 400-level courses only

For waitlist instructions, please click here.
To look up your position on the waitlist:
-go into LORIS
-select: Student Services/Registration/Student Detail Schedule

Once space in the waitlisted course is available for you, an email notification will be sent to your email address.  You have 24 hours to register for the course in LORIS before your name is removed from the waitlist, and you lose the option to register.

Changing Tutorials

Students wanting to switch a tutorial can do so in LORIS.  Follow the steps below to change tutorials without automatically being dropped from the lecture.  For example: A student is currently registered in SP101 Section A, Tutorial 1, but now wants to switch into Tutorial 2.  By following the steps below, they will be able to do it, provided there is room in the tutorial and there are no TIME CONFLICTS.

Steps to follow on LORIS (using the example above: SP101A, T1 switching to T2)

  1. Log into LORIS
  3. Click on REGISTRATION
  4. Click on SELECT TERM then select the appropriate term
  6. From the main menu of courses listed (some show ENROLLED, some show as DROPPED depending on registration activity), and find SP101A (should show as ENROLLED).  Click on the down arrow beside it, and choose RE-ENROLL (even though it says enrolled).  DO NOT SUBMIT YET.
  7. From this same main menu, find SP101 T1 and click on the down arrow beside it and select DROP COURSE.  DO NOT SUBMIT YET.
  8. Next step – select SP101 T2 either by doing a class search, or by entering in the CRN number in the blank boxes at bottom of screen.
  9. Final step – click on SUBMIT CHANGES.

If you encounter a problem with the steps above, re-register immediately for your previous lecture and tutorial, then contact Service Laurier for help.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am going into my third year but cannot register with the other third year students?
Please see the information on registration timeline posted by the Registrar's Office (click here).  This will apply for students going into other years of study as well.

What is the difference between overall GPA and major GPA?
Overall GPA: the average of the grade points attained in all courses taken. For purposes of calculation, the grade point (GP) earned in a 0.5-credit course will be given half of the weight of that earned in a 1.0-credit course. Likewise the GP earned in a 0.25-credit course will be given a quarter of the weight of that earned in a 1.0-credit course.

Major GPA: the average of the grade points attained in courses taken that are listed in the program requirements of the major.  The CS GPA would be the average of the grade points attained in all courses listed in the CS Honours Program that you have taken, including CS Core and CS Program Elective courses.
For example, a student with:
-an A (11.0) in 1.0 credit course KS200
-a C- (2.0) in 0.5 credit course CS203
-a C- (1.0) in 0.25 credit KP101

Overall GPA will be 8.00 (14.0 grade points divided by 1.75 credits).
CS GPA will be 8.67; grade points for KS200 (CS Program Elective) and CS203 (CS Core) are used, not KP101 which is not one of courses listed in the HCS Program).

Do deleted courses that have been taken count?
Several courses that were formerly listed in the Honours CS Program have been deleted, such as AN210, CS208.  If you have taken these courses, they will still count.  AN210 or CS208 would still count as a CS Program Elective course if you have already taken it.

Can a course count in two programs?
Any course you take can count in as many programs as you wish.  For example, a student who has taken EN220 can count it towards:
-CS program requirements (under CS Electives)
-Cultural Studies program requirements (under Theory)
-English minor, major requirements
Note that EN220 is still worth 0.5 credits no matter how many different programs you are using it for.

Can I sign up for a course in the winter if I sign up for its prerequisite in the fall?
Yes, sign up for the prerequisite course(s) in the fall first.  LORIS will then allow you to sign up for the course you want.

Which Undergraduate Calendar requirements should I follow?
You can follow the CS undergraduate requirement of any year on or after you become registered as a CS major.  You need to follow all the requirements of that year.
For example:

  • in 2008 CS201 is a CS Core, CS207 is a CS Elective;
  • in 2009, CS201 is deleted but PP201 (cross-listed course) is a CS Elective while CS207 is a CS Core;
  • you can follow either requirements if you are became a major 2008 or after.  You cannot mix the requirements and count both CS201 and CS207 as CS Core.