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February 9, 2016

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Changing your major or field of study

  1. March 1-April 28: students access LORIS for program confirmation ONLY if you want to change your program. Otherwise you are automatically confirmed for your existing program. Use the online form after April 28, or if the combination of majors/options you want is not available in LORIS. The program change will be allowed/denied in May based on your grades.
  2. June: check academic status, program of study, year of study. Your degree program is listed under your Unofficial Record of Course Work. It is important that you check your program and year of study to confirm that they are correct. Your program and year of study will determine when you are allowed access into LORIS to select courses.
Progression and Graduation Requirements

Requirements for progression to Year 2:

  • CS100, CS101 completed (with at least 5.0 (C) in each course in order to proceed with program requirements);
  • junior major GPA (average of CS100 and CS101) is at least 6.0;
  • overall GPA is at least 5.0.

Requirements for progression to Year 3 or Year 4:

  • CS GPA is at least 6.0;
  • overall GPA is at least 5.0;
  • required courses for Year 2 (CS203, CS235) are completed.

Requirements for graduation

  • CS GPA is at least 7.0 (includes grades for all CS Core & Electives taken even if more than the minimum amount was taken)
  • overall GPA is at least 5.0;
  • required courses for relevant program(s) are completed.

Raise your CS GPA by taking CS Core and CS Elective courses where permitted (see restrictions).

Raise your overall GPA by taking any course, noting Laurier's course distribution requirements (as listed in the Academic Calendars).

Entry Requirements

  • CS100, CS101 completed (with at least 5.0 (C) in each course in order to proceed with program requirements);
  • junior CS GPA (average of CS100 and CS101) is at least 6.0;
  • CS GPA is at least 6.0;
  • overall GPA is at least 5.0.
Changing your status from part-time to full-time

If you have been a fulltime student previously, and there are no academic restrictions, complete and submit the Program Selection Form (even if you are not changing programs):
--Year 4 students wishing to register for courses for the Spring Term after their 4th year must also submit the program selection form.

If you have not previously been a full-time student, complete and submit the Full-Time Studies Request Form:

Research Specialization Option

This option†offers students an enriched research experience and an opportunity to prepare for graduate studies or other roles that emphasize advanced research skills in communication studies.† Students enrolled in the Option will participate in a small 10-student seminar (CS405) that will offer intensive workshops designed to allow the refinement of critical and analytic skills.

Under the direction of a permanent faculty member, students will develop and evaluate their own research and writing skills by producing a substantial research project on a topic drawn from one of the three sub-fields of the Communication Studies program.

The Research Specialization Option is available to Year 4 Honours Communication Studies students. To be eligible, students must have completed a minimum of 1 credit at the 300 level and have achieved a minimum grade point of average of 9.00 (B+) in the major. Completion will result in a "Research Specialization" designation on the studentís transcript and degree.

The Research Specialization Option includes CS400 and CS405. CS405 is restricted to Year 4 students enrolled in the Research Specialization Option.

Management Option

Students interested in entry and progression requirements for the Management Option should contact the advisors in SBE, listed below.†

Bethany Ankucza ext. 2060
Anne Ellis ext. 2572

Degree Evaluation

A degree evaluation is a report for students that shows the requirements for graduation that are met or not met. This tool compares a studentís academic record with the program requirements outlined in the Undergraduate Academic Calendar. Though not 100% correct, this is a useful tool which can be used during the career of the student and at the time of graduation.

For instructions of how to review your degree evaluation, click here.

GPA Calculator

The GPA calculator is for personal and informational purposes only. The calculations are unofficial. Your official GPA and academic record is available on LORIS.

Click here for the Laurier GPA Calculator.