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Wilfrid Laurier University Office of Research Services
June 30, 2016

Canadian Excellence

Equity, Sexual Health and HIV Research Group

Who we are and what we do:

Our research is interested in the broad areas of human sexuality and HIV/AIDS, and focuses specifically on the impacts of various forms of discriminationand social exclusion on health, mental health, and well-being. ESH-HIV is a dynamic hub for community partners, undergraduate andgraduate students, and research partners, for high quality research with the goalof real world impact.


1) Improving health and sexual health outcomes for gender and sexualminorities,

2) identifying service access barriers for gender and sexual minorities,

3) identifying factors that foster personal resiliency among gender andsexual minorities.

The research we undertake is community-based andcollaborative, involving a number of community members, agencies and serviceprovider stakeholders as partners, with the ultimate goal of improving communityhealth and eliminating health inequities through knowledge to action strategies. ESH-HIV prioritizes knowledge transfer initiatives and methods thatget data into the hands of decision-makers who need them. We have beensuccessful ensuring that data from our studies have impact. Our researchphilosophy attends to three central questions:

1) How do oppressive and exclusionary practices impact individual well-being and overall quality of life for marginalized communities?

2) How do we build the most effective research collaborations withcommunity groups and members to ensure that their issues and concernsare attended to?

3) How do we ensure that our research findings are used by decision-makersto create change?

The research that we undertake is governed by the principles of community-based research. CBR is a form of participatory research that elevates the statusof community members from mere participants in studies or users of data, toactual partners and investigators who work alongside academic researchers toundertake high quality, policy- and community-relevant research.