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November 28, 2014

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Exchange Students

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Exchange Student Orientation - Waterloo Campus Only

Waterloo Exchange Student Orientation!

Orientation Week for Exchange students going to the Waterloo campus will take place fromSeptember 2nd & 3rd 2014.During this time exchange students will participate in activities and workshops that are designed to help with your orientation and transition.

If you are an exchange student going to the Brantford campus, please for information about orientation.

Registration Cost: $49.50 + HST Register here!

TuesdayEvents -WelcomeCeremony, Campus Tours, Services at Laurier, Insurance (Universal Health Insurance Plan, Supplemental Health & Dental Plan, Dinner Off Campus, and the Scavenger Hunt!

WednesdayEvents -Academics at Laurier, Introduction to North American Studies, Cultural Awareness Training, Picnic in the Park and the Ending Celebration!

ThursdayEvents - Classes begin! Drop in at Laurier International to meet the Student Abroad Advisor and our amazing volunteers!

FridayEvents - Drop in at Laurier International and join a bus tour on the city bus system!

Saturday Schedule -Trip to Niagara Falls!

Our orientation will start in the Maureen Forrester recital hall at 9:00 AM on Tuesday, September 2nd! recital_hall_location.gif

Remember, Monday September 1 is a holiday, so our office and many businesses will be closed on this day. Plan accordingly.