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Wilfrid Laurier University Office of the Registrar
July 29, 2014
Canadian Excellence

2014-2015: Process for applying for scholarships and awards

In order to be considered for competitive scholarships and awards at WLU, all students have the opportunity to submit their "profile" online on LORIS.  These profiles are available late in the summer of each year, with a deadline of early in the fall term.  As soon as the profiles are online, we will send email notification to the "mylaurier" email account, advising of specific deadlines.

By telling us about yourself through the completion of these student profiles, we can then determine if you are eligible for, and possibly selected to receive a competitive scholarship, award, or donor supported bursary. In some cases, if more information is required, our office would contact you advising of what is required in order to be considered for other, more specific, awards opportunities. 

The Student Awards Office has an “All Student General" and "Faculty Specific" Profile(s) that will greatly reduce the amount of work associated with scholarship/award applications.  With this application process, students are asked to submit their "All Student General Profile" and applicable "Faculty Specific Profile" as well as their financial statement (this form is included in the All Student General Profile).  Once these profiles are submitted, the Student Awards Office will automatically consider the student for all scholarship/award opportunities that fit the program and year of study as well as their particular interests and volunteer experiences.  While the submission the financial statement (included in the student profile) is not mandatory, it is strongly recommended as many of the opportunities have a “financial need” component.

Click here to visit the Student Awards Search Engine, to view opportunities which are available to students at Wilfrid Laurier University.

For 2013/2014, profiles were available on LORIS and the submission deadline was October 16, 2013 (11:59 pm).

Specific information regarding the program deadlines for the 2014/2015 academic year will be posted by mid July.

Steps to Completing the Scholarship Process:

1. Log into your LORIS account (as soon as the application is open)

2. Access the Student Awards & Financial Aid tab at the top of the web page

3. Refer to the "Apply for Student Aid" line that will take you to the student profiles

4. If applicable, complete BOTH the "All Student - General Student Profile" and the applicable "Faculty Profile(s)" for your area of study.  It is imperative to complete the "General Student Profile" to be considered for many of these opportunities.

5.  The submissions can be reviewed, and changes can be made up until the deadline.  Once the application has been accessed, the submission can be accessed through the "View my Applications" tab.

DEADLINE: Profiles must be submitted by the stated deadline in order to be considered for  the current academic year scholarship and award opportunities. Late submissions cannot be accepted.

While students do not need to identify which awards they wish to be considered for, students may email the Student Awards Office to apply for a single scholarship, if there is a specific opportunity listed on our search engine that holds special meaning for them.  To advise the Student Awards Office of this award, students are asked to email with the name of the scholarship opportunity in the subject heading and the request for consideration as part of the email (and include your student I.D. number in the email).

The Student Awards Office encourages all students to submit their student and faculty profiles to be considered for scholarship opportunities.