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August 29, 2015

Canadian Excellence

Entrance Bursaries


The deadline for submission is April 13, 2015. The application is online at:

Once the online applicationis submitted, youwillreceive a message of confirmation of the submission. If you do not receive this confirmation, werecommend that you contact the Student Awards Office ( to confirm that the applicationwas complete. You will be able to edit your submission online up until the deadline.

THE 2015/2016 DEADLINE IS:
April 13, 2015

Recipients of an entrance bursary received notification via email in May 2015.

An entrance bursary is a monetary award for full-time Year 1 students, based exclusively on financial need. It does not have to be repaid to the university.

Entrance bursaries are only available to applicants who are Canadian Citizens or Permanent Residents entering full-time Year 1 programs at Laurier with no previous attendance at another post-secondary educational institution (college or university).

The entrance bursary online application requires the applicant to report all estimated and actual available sources of income and this information will be used to assess financial need. Please note that applications must be submitted by the stated deadline, forms cannot be submitted after the deadline.

Application forms are only available online. If you do not submit the form by the deadline, and you decide to attend Laurier later, youare NOT eligible to apply for an entrance bursary after the deadline.

If you have missed the deadline to apply for an entrance bursary, or are ineligible for assistance under this program, you can apply for bursary assistance in your first year through our undergraduate tuition bursary program. For information on undergraduate tuition bursary assistance, click here.