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May 6, 2016

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Entrance Awards and Scholarships

Entrance awards and scholarships are available to students entering first-year, full-time programs at Laurier who have no previous attendance at post-secondary educational institutions (university or college).

An entrance award requires proof of financial need; an entrance scholarship does not. Some entrance scholarships are granted automatically based on submitted marks (no application is required); the entrance scholarship grid isone example of an automatic entrance scholarship.

Other awards and scholarships are competitive and are granted to the student(s) who submits an entrance student profile online and who meets the specific eligibility criteria for each award opportunity; for 2016/2017, the necessary formare available on LORIS as of June 2016.

The applicationhas beenautomatically added on LORIS for all incoming students who have confirmed their Offer of Admission by theconfirmation date in June.

Email notification is sent to the "mylaurier" email account when all of our programs are open, therefore we strongly encourage all students to regularly check this account for updates.

If the application is not on LORIS, it can be requested by contacting our office at Requests to have the profile added must be received at least 24 hours before the deadline.

For your reference, the description of all awards opportunities is listed on the Student Awards Search Engine, and it will indicate if it is an award or a scholarship, as well as the eligibility criteria for each.

Applications for all other competitive scholarships, awards and donor supported bursaries for all undergraduate students can be submitted through the completion of the online student profile. These additional profile(s) will be available on LORIS starting in August 2015, and the deadline(s) are between late September through late October. Email communication will be sent to all students to the "mylaurier" email account once these profiles are available.

DEADLINE: The submission deadline for applications for first year students entering full time studies at WLU in the Fall 2015 is mid summer 2015 (specific dates will be posted early summer 2015).

Please note that e-mail communication will be sent to your "mylaurier" email account, as soon as applications are available online.

Important steps for applying for all competitive scholarships, awards, and donor supported bursaries:

By completing all of these online profiles, students will then automatically be considered for all competitive scholarships, awards and donor supported bursary opportunities.

1. Complete the profile for entrance awards opportunities,including the financialstatement; which is available on LORIS as of earlyJuly, deadlinemid summer 2015 (to be determined, dates will be posted early summer 2015).

2. Complete the General Student profile which will be available online on LORIS in late August, submission deadline is end of September 2015 (to be determined)

3. Complete the faculty specific profile(s) which will be available online as of October 2015 and thedeadlinewill be at theend of October 2015 (to be determined).

NOTE:Please note that by completing the above mentioned profiles, studentswill be considered for all competitive opportunities, however since it is a competitive process, funding is not guaranteed. If selected, recipientscould be notified by email (to the "mylaurier" email account) at any time from September through March.

SUMMARY OF AVAILABLE OPPORTUNITIES: For a summary of award opportunities that are available to incoming full time first year undergraduate students, click here. Please note that by completing thestudent profile for entrance awards, first year students will be considered for the opportunities listed on this page that are available. In order to be considered for all other competitive scholarships, awards, and donor supportedopportunities that are open to all current undergraduate students, the completion of the general student profile for all students, as well as the faculty specific profile(s) are required.

Also, some entrance awards and scholarships are only available to students entering Laurier's Brantford Campus. We also have award opportunities that are specific to a program of study.By completing the entrance student profile(s), as well as the general and faculty specific profile(s)thatwill beon your LORIS account in the fall term, you will be considered for all possible award and bursaryopportunities.

Important Note on Endowments: Opportunities that will be listed on the Student Awards web site that are identified as being "endowed" (under the Description of each opportunity) are financed by investment income generated by gifts to the university. The university will grant up to a maximum of 4 percent of the value of these endowments, depending upon the amount of interest income generated on an annual basis. Consequently, these opportunities may or may not be available during any particular academic year due to the nature of financial markets. Values which may be quoted for these opportunities on this web site represent the maximum amounts that may be available, not the actual amounts that will ultimately be granted.