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August 31, 2015
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Academic Matters

Orientation for International students

Orientation week called “Frosh Week” for first year undergraduate students begins the first Monday in September, a statutory holiday in Canada. Laurier International organizes orientations for international students.

Laurier One Card

The One Card is required for purposes of identification in the library, at final examinations, at our on campus pub and club, and for student activities. In addition, you can put some money to this card and you can use to purchase food and items on campus. Upon registration, you will apply for One Card at the One Card Office located next to The Hub in the Concourse. If you lose your student ID, you will have to pay for the replacement. One Card Office-884-1970 ext. 3730;

University Regulations and Policies

The university policies and regulations are contained in the graduate and undergraduate calendars. You should become familiar with them. The University requires students to conduct themselves in accordance with the laws of the country, province, city, and to observe university regulation. We have summarized some of these regulations below.


A student’s status at WLU will be subject to review for any one of the following offences: unlawful use of alcoholic beverages; trafficking of drugs; stealing of any sort, including tampering with examinations and cheating; tampering with fire equipment; and storage and/or discharge of firearms or explosives.

In the graduate and undergraduate calendar you will find WLU policies on subjects including integrity in the conduct of research, ethics in research, conflict of interest, academic and research misconduct, ownership of student-created intellectual property and principles in the use of computers.

Plagiarism and Cheating-Academic Integrity

If a student is uncertain, about whether or not a course of action might constitute plagiarism or cheating, he or she should consult the instructor involved. Penalties are levied in relation to the degree of infraction of academic honesty and range from requiring the student to re-do an assignment to suspension from the university for a term or more.

For detailed descriptions of the University regulations, support services, facilities, faculties, descriptions of courses, and academic awards etc., refer to the current issue of the Wilfrid Laurier undergraduate calendar or graduate studies calendar.

Academic Dates 2008-2009 are posted in the WLU calendar.