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December 18, 2014

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Liquor Laws and Non-Smoking Legislation

Liquor Laws

You must be 19 years or older to drink alcohol legally in Ontario. You cannot buy alcohol if you are less than 19 years of age, appear intoxicated or may be purchasing alcohol for an underage individual. You may be asked to show proof of age if you appear to be under 25 years old. To purchase alcohol at a liquor store, restaurant, pub or bar you may be asked to show a passport, a driverís license or BYID card that proves that you are 19 years or older.

It is illegal to consume alcohol in the street, parks, public or private transportation, and other public premises that are not licensed to sell alcohol. You can consume alcohol only on licensed premises, your residence, or other private places. If you appear to be heavily intoxicated, you will not be served any alcohol on licensed premises such as bars, restaurants and so on. As well, you cannot take out or bring in any alcohol from mentioned above licensed premises.

Drinking and driving is against the law. Check the Security Office or Drinking Responsibly for more information.


Bring Your Identification Card (BYID Card), endorsed by the provincial government, proves that you are of legal drinking age. To apply for a BYID card you must:
  • be at least 19 years old
  • have youíre a passport size colour photo
  • photocopies of documents proving date of birth and name-passport
  • filled application
  • $20 fee

A guarantor must sign the back of the photo, all documentation and fill out a section of the application: BYID.

Ontario Non-smoking legislation

You have to be 19 years or older to purchase tobacco products and you may be asked to show ID when purchasing tobacco products.

The Smoke-Free Ontario Act prohibits smoking in all workplaces and indoor public places for example university buildings, bars, restaurants and so on.