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Wilfrid Laurier University Leaf
December 22, 2014
Canadian Excellence

How Canadians Spend Leisure Time

"Car!" For hockey-loving Canadians, this word recalls one of their favourite leisure activities – road hockey. Played with a ball, this version of ice hockey is just one sport that adults and children enjoy across Canada. That is, when the play isn’t interrupted by an oncoming motor vehicle.

Canadian men, women, girls, and boys unite all year round to compete in everything from curling to canoe races. Many of these activities find their roots in Aboriginal traditions. Did you know that the Inuit once played a form of soccer with a frozen walrus head?

Soccer is one of the sports regaining popularity in Canada (minus the walrus head). Girls and boys learn to play the game at a young age. And soccer is now one of the 10 most played sports in Canada – more popular than tennis or hockey.

Canadians also enjoy leisure individually. Popular recreation activities include golf, gardening, and walking.