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Wilfrid Laurier University Leaf
December 18, 2014
Canadian Excellence

Nature and Wildlife in Ontario

Ontario has squares and squares of kilometres of immense forests, breathtaking sceneries, spectacular freshwater lakes and rivers, and amazing wildlife. Beaver dams are abound in Ontario and generally in Canada, but you will have to look hard to see a beaver. It is the largest rodent in Canada and is just one of 70 000 species of plants, animals, and other organisms found in Canada.

Many of these animals have embedded themselves in the national consciousness. The beaver, for example, has become our national symbol. After all, the buck-toothed animal was once the mainstay of Canada’s fur trade. The federal, provincial, and territorial governments share management of wildlife and wildlife conservation in Canada.

Canadians have traditionally been close to nature – and this tradition is part of our framework. We take environmental issues seriously and have always been mindful of our duty to preserve our natural treasure for future generations.

Canada’s national parks are very popular – they receive more than 20 million visitors per year. Visit Algonquin Park to admire the beauty of Canadian nature and wildlife.